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How to Copy Text Which Cannot Be Copied

Why the article in your blog can not copy?
Currently there are various ways to disable copy and paste the content in the blog. Among them, the script wear oncontextmenu, ondragstart, onkeydown, onmousedown, and onselectstart. In addition to using javascript, CSS can also, for example, -webkit-user-select: auto, -webkit-user-select: none, -webkit-user-select: text, -moz-user-select: none | text | all | element, and -MS-user-select: none | text | auto | element.
You might think that most of the text on the website is locked because your browser does not support. It was wrong, they deliberately blocked text to tackle theft text. But it's not perfect like in Google Books.
Why site owners do not allow copy and paste
If you are an author of a blog / website, I'm sure you know why. They do not want their work stolen. So most people choose to disable blocks on all the content on his site.
Why we built a tool to block script reject copy and paste
Know that not everyone has the intention to steal. Everyone has their own reasons. In fact, my personal experience, before plunging into the world of the internet, I have trouble completing the coursework because can not copy the material on a website. In fact, only those sites that contain content that is appropriate / suitable to what I want.
So, our goal to make this tool does not intend to allow anyone to steal articles on other sites, which in turn post to personal blogs. Our tools work online, so no need to download any application to use.
For example, you can open this blog, then copy the text. Locked? Yes, and then copy the URL of the blog into the fields below, then Enter and see the results.

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Terms and Conditions

  • You can not use these tools for business purposes, such as to be sent back to your blog in order to make money.
  • Should not steal the wealth / assets of another site without the permission of the site manager.
  • Can not sue us for any reason related to the results of duplicate content.
  • We recommend you read the policies of each site for more information.
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