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7 Tips to Outsmart Instagram Algorithm


AskedBoss.com - Many people do not like the Instagram algorithm. Whereas if you want to do business using Instagram it should be able to understand the service algorithm. Not against him.

Here are 7 tips to influence Instagram algorithm.

# 1. Find out the best time to post on Instagram

After knowing the best time to make a post on Instagram, schedule a post for those times.

If you post in when everyone will see, then you will increase your chances of getting more like and faster. So it can trigger the post in the algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm does not always take into account the number of responses a post receives, but rather how quickly the post receives a response.

Responses from the post can be like like, coments, share and others.

# 2. Create good Instagram information, create video post or slide show

If a post has an interesting description, then people will tend to actually read it or click the "more" button so as to increase the time spent on your post.

Well, Instagram algorithm uses the time spent in viewing a post as a key factor.

This also causes the video to perform very well in the Instagram algorithm. Because it takes more time to watch it....

Post with Slideshow requires action to wipe the screen to see more, so it can be a good strategy to try.

# 3. Interact with specific accounts on a regular basis

When you interact with a particular account on a regular basis, Instagram will detect that you really like the content of the account.

As a result, Instagram will show more about the person's content in your feed.

That's why you're likely to see post content from ex-girlfriends at the top of the feed. Even if he only has 14 followers and rarely gives like on every photo.

The same is true for people who love your content. If they regularly provide like, comment, view Instagram Stories or save content, then your post is most likely shown to them.

# 4. Frequency exploring instagram

If you only open the app a few times per week, it will likely see the highest post from a few days ago in order to catch up on a post.

In general now Instagram post has a longer period when compared to before. This means more people can see your post from a longer period of time. So that's probably still get like from photos uploaded yesterday or the day before.

# 5. Interact with different types of content

The types of content that you interact with often will play an important role in terms of what content is viewed in your lifetime.

If you are concerned if you interact with a set of accounts of a particular genre (such as music), Instagram will start serving more of the content. This is a relevance factor. If Instagram specifies that you like certain types of content, such as metal music, the app will attempt to display other similar content that he thinks interesting to you, for example the post from Aerosmith.

# 6. Account Search

When looking for a particular account, Instagram captures a signal that you like the contents of the account. And it's possible to show their content more often on your Instagram timeline.

# 7. Share post via direct message (DM)

When you share a post with other users, Instagram takes this into account as a form of engagement. Instagram then assumes that you are interested in seeing more of these types of content. So if you create great interesting content, then people share with your friends, then your post could have better performance on the Instagram algorithm.
7 Tips to Outsmart Instagram Algorithm
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