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Review Smartphone Oppo F1s VS Vivo V5

Both have similar specifications and design, the performance of the same height, and equally favor high-resolution front camera. Which is more attractive?

According to the IDC survey, the first half of 2016 Oppo and Vivo top five best-selling smartphone in the world. Oppo successfully ranked fourth and in vivo is ranked fifth. The success of the two smartphones made bamboo curtain country is as open the eyes of the world that the quality of Chinese origin smartphone now can not be underestimated.

Oppo F1s which comes first favor features a front camera that has a resolution of 16 MP. Not to be outdone, V5 present vivo latter also favor the same thing. Only difference is greater resolution front camera of 20 MP who claimed to be the largest in the world. Inevitably, both also dubbed as the champion selfie. Not only that, they also offer other excellent features are equally compelling. Like what? Here's his review.


Design & Features

Design presented by Oppo F1s.

Seeing the design, both devices are like twins. Almost exactly the same overall design. Starting from the front view, the home button, and haptic, size and resolution of the screen, speaker placement, audio port position, to see the back cover and the placement of the camera, all similar. Even the dimensions do not differ much. Slightly different is the placement of the volume in which vivo Oppo are on the right and on the left. Similarly, the SIM card slot and micro SD, Oppo in vivo on the right and left.

Sightings vivo V5 design.

Both smartphones use white on the front. With unibodi design and shape of the curve at each corner makes it not only looks cool but also ergonomic. The entire back of the cover layer is made slightly rough that is not slippery when held.

Using the same screen touches 2.5D Curved technology which makes it look cool. As has also been pinned layer protective Corning Gorilla Glass 4. A little bit different, the top near the front of the camera, the Oppo does not include flash, whereas vivo have it.

The home button does have a similar shape. Both also have a function as a fingerprint scanner. Only, V5 vivo button function simply by touching them directly, whereas the Oppo F1s button must be pressed to perform its functions.

For the cover also have similarities. The main camera position are also both be in the top left corner with the flash each side. Only use only brand that makes it different. For color, cover Oppo F1s consists of a selection of gold, rose gold, and gray. While there are only a V5 vivo selection of gold and gray.

Multitouch is presented vivo V5 (right) more than the Oppo F1s (left).

From the side of the screen, both have a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels resolution as well have used a layer of Gorilla Glass 4. But for Oppo supports multitouch support 5 point touch, whereas vivo supports up to 10 points.


As mentioned previously, they both use a similar specification. Processor and GPU chip using the chip MediaTek MT6750 octa-core. Which is slightly different in vivo V5 RAM of 4 GB and 3 GB Oppo F1s. For internal storage media are both 32 GB.

Seeing the resulting performance testing times have seen that the two competing. Test scores showed no significant difference. The differences will not necessarily feel the difference when running an application. However, RAM on a larger vivo little more influential when running multitasking. In theory, the greater the amount of RAM, the better its ability In addition benchmark, some games that we tried like Mortal Kombat X and Asphalt 8: Airborne is able to run without a hitch.

In PCMark test - Battery Life Work, Oppo F1s (left) is superior to V5 vivo (right).

If the performance is similar, not so with the use of batteries. Has a battery capacity slightly different, the difference turned out far enough battery usage time. Using PCMark - Battery Life Work, durability vivo V5 faster.

In addition through the application, we also try to run everyday activities. With an active Internet data connection and the use of social media applications to run, V5 vivo battery can only last for half a day only. Mornings and afternoons fully charged condition of the battery is below 10%. While Oppo F1s look more lasting up to several hours.

For those who want a little boost endurance battery usage, both phones include a battery saver function. However, they provide a simple battery saving profile. At Oppo only are there a large selection of Low Power Mode. While vivo only provide Super Saver function. Both of these modes will decrease the level of brightness to the lowest condition and turn off the Internet network, both mobile and Wi-Fi. You can only use the phone and SMS functions when this feature is active.


Oppo F1s manual mode setting (left) and V5 vivo (right).

The camera became one of the advantages offered by these two smartphones. The main camera have the same up to 13 MP resolution which is equipped with a flash. For the front camera, the Oppo does not include the flash and just rely on Flash Screen feature. Vivo provides Softlight flash and features in order to get better light conditions are dim room.

For those who wish to explore the capabilities of the main camera, two cameras provide manual selection. Oppo through Expert Mode selection and in vivo through Professional features. Both provide choice Exposure, White Balance, ISO, Shutter, and Focus. Especially for Oppo there is one more option that support RAW format. For the front camera, choice less effect. Oppo provide choice and Filter Pattern whereas vivo form of Camera Filters and Watermark.

For business video recording, all cameras offer a maximum resolution up to Full HD 1080p. Oppo and video effects in vivo to provide features Time lapse, while variations in Slow Motion video effects found only in vivo only.

We try to compare quality shots in different conditions using the Auto setting on both phones. In general, both cameras captured objects well and sharp in a variety of conditions. But we try to directly compare to see the difference.

Outdoor shooting using the primary camera Oppo F1s (left) and V5 vivo (right).

In outdoor conditions, both look very good with both cameras produce the same color and sharp detail.

Results Macro indoor photos using the main camera Oppo F1s (left) and V5 vivo (right).

It also looks at the macro mode where the shots look good and not too pronounced.

Multimedia & Interface

Audio settings belonging Oppo F1s (left) and V5 vivo (right)

Especially for multimedia, both provide additional settings for audio business. Oppo Dirac includes a feature that offers settings that are only active when using a headset or earphone. There is a choice of three settings of the Bass, Baritone, and Treble. V5 vivo promoting audio technology Hi-Fi (High-Fidelity) through AKMDAC AK4375 chip. This technology will work optimally when users use a headset or earphones, especially when used for listening to music.

While applications to run video player built-in vivo has features to display video picture-in-picture. With it, you can still watch the video while performing other functions simultaneously within a single screen display. Features Smart Split which has a function to display two applications simultaneously on one screen is also included. Oppo itself only include Video Player simple application that does not include many additional features.

The positioning of the speakers at the bottom capable of producing sound pretty good. Although the highest volume of his voice sound more "noisy". By default the output quality of the sound using the speakers respectively, the results are not much different. Although nothing special, the sound can still be enjoyed in maximum condition. If you want to get more qualified quality, users can utilize the earphone / headset.

Oppo homescreen display F1s (left) and V5 vivo (right).

For the operating system, Oppo F1s using Android 5.1 Lollipop and V5 vivo using Android 6.0 Lollipop is already equipped with a user interface innate respectively. If Oppo use user interface with ColorOS name, V5 vivo using FuntouchOS. Neither includes App Drawer that makes the look so crowded with the number of installed applications. Oppo notification area icon and Vivo presents 12 up to 15 icons.

For the multimedia business, Oppo and Vivo provides 9 types of the same sensor including Gyroscope. It is sufficient for the needs of multimedia and also to run applications based on Virtual Reality and Video 360.


Oppo vivo F1s and V5 are two smartphones that offer many similar advantages. For you fans of the photographs, especially selfie, both can be a tempting choice. Although resolution of 20 MP which is owned vivo V5 as the first in the world, but the ability to capture the picture is not much different from Oppo F1s. The only real problem is the difference in price of about $25 can be considered to be price sensitive.
Review Smartphone Oppo F1s VS Vivo V5
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