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How to Create a Website on Google

1. Open your web browser and go to the Google Sites Homepage.

2. Sign in with your username and password for your Google account. If you don't have a Google account, then press the red button at the top right of the page that says "Sign Up."
  • Fill out the required fields on the upper portion of the "Create an Account" page.
  • Scroll down and fill in the section called "Get Started with Google Sites." When you've finished, click "Create My Account."
3. Create Your Site
  • Click the "Create" button on the Google Sites homepage.
  • Choose a template or click "Browse the Gallery for More." Browse through the website templates until you find one that looks like it matches your project needs.
  • Type in a name for your site. The name should be to-the-point and unique to your purpose.
  1. Try to create something concise and memorable, like a longer version of a vanity license plate or a vanity phone number, that people will easily remember.
  2. Google will automatically generate a URL, or a Web address, for your site. Change the URL if you want to use something besides the auto-generated version.
  • Choose a theme from the menu. The theme is a collection of colors and background images that will appear on your website.
  • Type in the word generated by Google. This security step ensures that you are an actual person who is producing a website.
4. Edit Your Site
  • Click on the image of a pencil at the top of the page to edit your homepage.
  1. A toolbar will appear that will allow you to add text to your website.
  2. To add images or other visual effects, click the "Insert" tab on your menu bar and follow the instructions.
  3. Click on the HTML key at the right to edit your site using HTML.
  4. To add Google AdSense or a Google+ icon, click "Edit Sidebar."
  • Click the icon of a piece of paper with a "+" sign over it to add a new page.
  • Click "Share" when you have finished your site. This action enables you to send the URL to people's e-mail addresses so that they can view the finished product.
How to Create a Website on Google
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