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Logic Puzzles with Answer (Riddles)

The following set of questions logic puzzles to sharpen your brain. We have also given an answer solution to ensure that this is not a nonsense. Have fun!

An artist carving the words on the fence of his house. There are differences in expression when read in certain circumstances.

If the sentence is read when you're sad, would lead to pleasure, happiness. But if read fit again happily, would cause sadness, anxiety and fear.

Carving what the artist written?

All this will soon pass

In a hotel, a man awakened from sleep by the sound of a knock on her bedroom door. Without delay, the man unlocked the door to his room and saw a stranger outside.

Spontaneous stranger was surprised and said "Sorry, I was wrong, I think this is my room." The stranger then walked away. He closed the door and called hotel security to immediately arrest foreigners who have just come to him.

The question:
Why would he ask for security to catch the stranger? What makes him suspicious?

Because the stranger said that he thought the room was his. If so, should the foreigner does not have to knock on the door, but just open the door because she had a key.

A story of a family living in the home circle riverbank. One day they go on vacation and leave their small children in the house. Upon their return, they found her son had died. Provisional estimates, there are three suspects, namely: maid, security guard and chef.

When interrogated, the maid claimed was cleaning every corner of the house, security guards claimed was watching beyond the home page, and the chef said that he was not there on the spot.
Who killed the little boy?

Maid. Home circle has no corners!
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