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Traditional Medicine Hospital cavities Deals For A Powerful

All people need teeth to eat the food properly. Just imagine, if people do not have any teeth, how he can eat food that is tough and hard. If it can, it will not be chewed gently. As a result, the internal organs which grind the food will be overwhelmed and eventually cause new diseases.

A toothache because of the holes is not a rare thing. Everyone would never have a name toothache. In fact, the dentist even though I think also the potential of developing a toothache. If you have not, perhaps because they have not timed for it.
In order to cure a sore tooth, of course, there are a variety of ways. Starting from the natural / traditional, passing Klink, ritual practices, as well as from medical / medicine, or perhaps there are up to a wizard of all.

In light of the various sides, such as looking for an alternative path as dental treatment cheap but potent or efficacious and so on, also may want to avoid the risks or side effects that may be caused the chemical drugs, it seems necessary to try drugs that are natural.

Natural medicine has long been used by ancient people, it's just that, in modern times such as today, has a lot of scientists who discovered the concoction-new concoction that might be better when applied.

Most patients who fall into the category of sensitive teeth will be more susceptible to this type of disease. Another cause is not due to a number of triggers or causes to be encountered. For example, toothache when drinking ice or cold water, toothache when biting objects rather hard and tough.

For me personally, in an effort to cope with a toothache, seen from a number of factors, for example, when a toothache unbearable, I usually go to the doctor. But if only a mild illness, try the natural remedy only once, because apart from risk, materials used are also quite affordable aka cheap.

Well, if you are currently suffering from a toothache and could not go to a doctor because it may be too much or not there is enough money, it seems necessary to try natural remedies, tips and tricks following:

1. Garlic
gambar orang ngunyah bawang putih
In addition to cooking as a seasoning, garlic can also be used as an herbal remedy to cure some chronic diseases, one toothache.

How to use:
  • 1 clove of garlic mashed and mixed with salt to taste.
  • Garlic paste that has been refined into cavities.
  • As for sensitive teeth, simply by chewing 1 clove of garlic, then rinse with warm water that is not too bad breath.
In my experience, there will be a little hint of his mouth after using this method, but only briefly. Is important thing missing tooth pain, yes anyway?

2. Pepper
gambar merica
Pepper is also very familiar with the kitchen, because of its function as well as a cooking spice. It also can be used as an alternative medicine pain of cavities and tooth sensitivity.

How to use:
  • Combine pepper and salt in equal parts (1: 1).
  • Add a little water, stirring until the results resemble pasta
  • Attach the dough to a toothache to several minutes. Applies to cavities and tooth sensitivity.
If you use pepper treatment, the authors have never tried it, but it looks like there will be a sensation of spicy because it feels a bit spicy pepper, did not mothers?

3. Seed Avocado
gambar biji alpukat
Avocado fruit know? avocado Often consumed as juice. Authors usually if ya want juice avocado juice, the results are very lumpy but delicious. The right moment to break the fast. Besides good for drinks, the avocado was Also beneficial to health, or rather treatment, but only as their net seed, not the same flesh.

How to use:
  • Take 1 avocado seeds, wash thoroughly yes, because it will usually leave the deepest layer of the avocado flesh attached to the seeds. After thoroughly, then dried by drying it in the sun.
  • The drying process must be perfect. We recommend drying when the weather is really hot.
  • Once dried, crushed seeds crushed avocado seed by the way / in a blender.
  • As a result, avocado seed into granules and dust (powder).
  • Enter the avocado seed powder into cavities or dabbed on the sore tooth.
  • Of the three natural remedies above, treatment of dental pain can also be done by massaging the aching tooth area. A massage not a buddy of his teeth, but the exterior. This will reduce the pain bearable trek.
In addition to the way massaged, the author also often enter the ice water into the mouth and let up for a moment, then sprayed. This trick can reduce the sensation of pain is remarkable, but it does not apply to people with sensitive teeth yes.

Well, if the later is cured, try to do the following to prevent the emergence of a toothache for the second time:
  • Make it a habit of brushing your teeth before bed.
  • Brush your teeth at least 2 times / day, and up as much.
  • Avoid eating foods that contain non-natural sweetener
  • Reduce eating chocolate and sweets, because it can accelerate cavities. If you can not stop, try to always clean the teeth after eating these foods by way of gargling mouthwash, or if necessary, direct the toothbrush.
  • For sensitive teeth, it is recommended to consult a dentist to get the best advice.
What I write here is not of the research / in books, but most of the experience and partly on the advice comrades who have tried it. If the pain persists contact your doctor immediately.
Traditional Medicine Hospital cavities Deals For A Powerful
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