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Related of Taxes, Lionel Messi Threatened Jailed

Barcelona has removing official statement following court decision Spanish dropping penalty case 21 months over alleged tax evasion to lionel Messi and his father (Jorge). In the official description, clubs fixed gives support to la Pulga and Jorge.

"FC Barcelona expressed its full support to Leo Messi and his father's alleged tax evasion. In agreement Club with the AGO (government) considers that a player has to improve his position with the Tax Office in Spain. That is, Messi and Jorge do not have to be responsible for the criminal. in this case, relates to facts which underlined". The official statement as quoted by ESPN Barcelona, ​​Thursday (07/07/2016).

In the trial, that took place in the Spanish Court. The public prosecutor urged the court to immediately bring Messi and Jorge is behind bars after they were found guilty of tax evasion for three years, between 2007 and 2009. Over the deed Spain suffered a loss of 4 million euros.

At the trial last month, Messi admitted if the origin of signing documents without reading its contents when he visited the notary's office when he plans to set up a company. This is a fatal mistake, and he must accept the decision of the Spanish court has dropped.

Nevertheless, Messi was fortunate to be in a club that is very concerned with one of their stars. "FC Barcelona will give full support to Leo Messi and his family for their support and defend the truth."


The following facts were revealed in the hearing in the Court of Spain

  1. In 2013, Messi was found guilty after he allegedly evading taxes. At that time he commented that he had no knowledge about this error and he did not want to blame entirely to the father.
  2. In October 2014, the prosecutor decided to continue the tax evasion charges.
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Related of Taxes, Lionel Messi Threatened Jailed
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