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How to Register SMS Banking on HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank is one of the leading bank in India. To further facilitate the users, HDFC Bank deliver SMS Banking service to their customers.

All HDFC Bank customer can now access your account directly via their mobile phones for various purposes. For example: transaction, transfer accounts and fixed deposits.

SMS Banking facility of HDFC Bank
  • Seeing the amount of balance
  • Information last three transactions
  • Can make a request checkbook
  • Bookkeeping for check payments stopped
  • Get the check status
  • Make a request for account
  • Get details of fixed deposits
  • Creating demand generation Ipin
Registration process SMS Banking via Internet / Online.
  • Log in to the website HDFC
  • Click on Register SMS Banking
  • Please fill in the required details.

If you already have an HDFC Bank ATM card, please use the following ways.
  • Go to the bank office / provided HDFC ATM machine.
  • Enter your ATM PIN.
  • Now, go to the Options tab.
  • Register for Mobile Banking HDFC

Apart from the two above ways, you can also visit your nearest branch office. Then, fill out the form HDFC SMS Banking.

Here is a list of keywords that can be used for SMS Banking HDFC Bank.

1. To Balance Enquiry
Type "bal" send to 5676712.

2. For details of the last three transactions
Type "txn" send to 5676712.

3. To Cheque Status Enquiry
Type "cst <6-digit number of checks>" send to 5676712.

4. To Cheque Book Request
Type "CHQ" send to 5676712.

5. To Stop Cheque Payment
Type "stp <6-digit number of checks>" send to 5676712.

6. Requests HDFC Bank Account
Type "stm" send to 5676712.

7. For info electricity bill or telephone bill
Type "bil" send to 5676712.

8. To get a Fixed Deposit Details
Type "fdq" send to 5676712.

9. To change from the Primary Account
Type in "new <14-digit number of new account>" send to 5676712.

10. To generate password Internet Banking
Type "ipin" send to 5676712.

11. For more information about the list of keywords
Type "help" send to 5676712.

All of the above keywords written in a text message without quotation marks ("").
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