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How to Make a Kite Simple (Accompanied Images Hint)

How to Make a Kite
During the dry season, usually kids love to play kites, especially for homes in settlements or rural areas such as in the fields, courts and places broad, so the kite easy to fly as far away from the barrier.

In the cities did not miss, their hobbies once kites, not only children, but adults are happy to play it.

kite gapangan (sendaren) is a type of kite has wings and the shape can resemble like birds, moon, star (bottom) etc.

We will learn to make a kite with a small size, just 80cm. If you make a big later even harder, because of this new study. Make a small first then later if new can already bigger.


How to Make a Kite
Bamboo should be selected that are old and should be in the first drying for 7 days or more to dry and not easily broken. Bamboo old is already contained patches of white spots on the trunk.
Knives, rope, ruler, cutter, and a little duct tape to patch variations.
Large plastic 10kg size, scissors and glue plastic / paper.

  • Make kite wings
  • Once the danger of equipment and materials ready, then make the kite frame, starting from the wing first.
  • Bamboo is withered us apart to make two wings of a kite.
For splitting bamboo actual origin is not split, so bamboo is already in small pieces to size to make both wings, we split bamboo with a knife, then stepped on the rear sides and split again with both hands.
How to Make a Kite

How to Make a Kite
2x40 cm wingspan

An expression that we are part of the cork, not skin.

Shaved bamboo from the center to the edge. Getting to the edge drawstring should be narrowed. After both sides we shaved and roughly it fits, please bend the bamboo.

How to Make a Kite
Kite during flight, he will receive the wind, both wings of this later as a drag. If bent wings just next door in because the curve is limp or the other side and stiff, the kite will not be balanced.

How to Make a Kite

Now you create the other wing. Do not forget to weigh out, use your fingers only, see picture below:

How to Make a Kite
Creating a central rod
Split bamboo with a length of 51 cm, then the look with a width of 4 mm and 4 mm thick as well.

The next step we will make the tail and the tail edge.

For the tail: 40 cm long pieces of bamboo and expression to obtain a width of 2 mm and 2 mm thick with the same curved, just like making arch wings.

To the edge of the tail: the look of bamboo along the 27 cm to obtain a width of 2 mm and 1 mm edge, or if you do not want to be bothered, you can replace it with raffia rope.

After that, we will make the edges, pieces of bamboo along the 16 cm and expression up to 2 mm width and bend into triangles 2 parts.

How to Make a Kite

Stringing framework kite

How to Make a Kite
  • Caption: curved wings with the same angle, should be in place anywhere either up or down because the wind will be in the middle and does not cause the kite swooping.
  • Caption: Mass we make the lower wing and inadvertently turns out to have an angle of more bent example in the figure is 30 degrees, the wings must be put under so that the wind snatched the kite on the lower wing, so the kite does not dip during flight eventually
Position bamboo skin should be face to face in order to frame the kite does not quickly loosened. But that does not matter, even if the position is not dealing skin also does not do anything, the important thing should be the same curved wings. If I still put the position face to face so that the skin is always quick order not slack.

How to Make a Kite
The next step we'll learn to put one by one part of the framework of the kite and tied to sticks.

Bars were prepared, puncture with a knife as a site for the two wings, the goal that did not slide sliding. Both wings that we bend with both hands, part of a bulging under and are not bulging at the top.

In addition to a more curved wing is under, lies the bond pile bottom wings must also be at the top so that the kite does not dip when exposed to the wind when flying.

How to Make a Kite
At this stage, you have created a framework kite. The next process would provide the framework paper or plastic at the manner in use glue paste.
How to Make a Kite Simple (Accompanied Images Hint)
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