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Best Collection of Funny Short Stories

Figure Apples

Master Drawing Apples in Blackboard
Sulastri is a new art teacher at a school. When you first teach students in grade 2, he tried to play a guessing by drawing an apple on the blackboard.

When finished drawing, he turned and said to one of Shiva named Paijo.

"Well you Paijo, guess what, that's what the picture on the board?".

Paijo replied excitedly, "drawing butt slam". Some of the others started laughing to hear the answer of the Paijo nonsensical.

Suddenly the new teachers so embarrassed and feel has been abused by students. Then she complained of harassment to the principal in tears.

Seeing the woman cries teachers, principals so very sorry. Without asking questions first, he immediately entered the room and scolded the class all students.

"How dare you mock a teacher! What have you done to him ?!" Principals snapped with emotion.

Instantly the room became silent class, all the students silent fear. Then, the principal turned around and saw something on the board, he grew angry when he saw a picture posted on the blackboard.

"It was too much, you even dare to draw butt on the board, who is drawing ?!"

Husband and Wife were Selfish
Yono and Ulan is that couples who both have selfish character. One day, there was a disagreement, nothing would budge between the two.

The husband and wife have more anger, not mutually scolds, let alone talk. But unfortunately, tomorrow morning there Yono important meeting in his office. That is, he must be able to wake up tomorrow morning. All this time, Yono could only get up early if woken by his wife.

Because they did not talk, Yono find sense how so tomorrow morning his wife would wake him meskin without having to speak directly to him.

Afternoons, Yono take a piece of paper and write down words like

"Tomorrow I have a meeting, please wake up at 6!". Then the paper is placed on top of the dresser of his wife.

Night came, Yono and his wife sleep somewhere different. Sleeping wife's room, while Yono sleeping in the guest chair. Yono woke up the next morning. He saw the wall clock showed precisely ten o'clock. Yono furious, because he was not woken up by his wife.

Still in a state of emotional and upset, he approached his wife's dresser to ascertain whether the letter has been read or not the wife. There he saw the writing is different in a paper exactly what he put into words differently. Here's writings: "Wake up ... Wake up, already at 6 am !!".

The discovery of most sophisticated tool
Some genius attend a big event at the Institute of science. It is a place scientists showed their greatest results to get a patent on the discovery.

An Indian man forward and said "I have found a tool to make people get to see and hear something from a very remote location, and I gave him the name of the TV." The audience marveled over the findings of the Indian men.

Shortly thereafter, two female twins and said the French forward. "We have found a tool that can make a man fly like a bird, and we gave it the name AIRCRAFT". The audience was increasingly amazed.

Not subside caused uproar on the findings of these advanced tools, a man from Indonesia forward and said "I have found a tool that can be used by humans to walk through walls, glass and iron, steel even though". The audience was excited not playing. Then he continued his talk, "and tools that I named DOOR".

One of my teachers Officials
Eko and Budi are two students at the same university. Once, they were sitting in a cafeteria, and a lecturer named Anton passed.

Suddenly, Eko was reminded how Anton habit every time taught courses in English at their local.

Eko: "Bud, why yes sir Anton always sit when teaching in our local, even at the local ten equally-alone, when he could stand up and walk."
Budi: "Ya do not know, maybe because more lazy times, or tired so"
Eko: "Ah, but yes cook every day"
Budi: "Yeah well yeah .."

A few seconds later

Budi: Oooh I know !!
Eko: "What is that?"
Budi: "Because in addition to working as a lecturer, he is also an official"
Eko: "Indeed, what to do Bud?"
Budi: "If he stands, occupied the chair ntar others"

Keelboat Owned Jono Drowning
Jono is a small fishing sector in rural areas. But sometimes, he also drove the tourists to cross the river using his paddle boat. This is a boat heritage, legacy of his father, of the age of the boat was very old and poor.

Physically, Jono has a face and posture is very similar to the Paijo, they stay the same village with a location quite close.

One day, Jono boat sank due to several factors. At the same time, Paijo wife died, a coincidence.

A few days later, a grandmother saw Jono middle catch fish in the river banks. Not using the boat, because the boat had sunk a few days ago.

The grandmother was wrong to recognize Jono. He thought, Jono who are catching these fish is the Paijo who has just lost his wife, and grandmother said.

"The patient ya boy, do not go on in grief. Even grandma know that losing something dear would surely be sad"

This is wrong again, Jono now thought that the grandmother talked about the loss of his boat which had sunk, then Jono replied:

"It's okay Grandma, if I may be honest anyway, actually I was glad because it can get rid of him. He is old really, it was ugly do not like when I was a new dipake and is porous. At the bottom are also already mushy and fishy smell. Every Next time I used it, the hole visible cracks like going to explode, not comfortable really the point. I think the end is 4 people. Therefore, the time that I rent him to 4 guests handsome-handsome to have fun the other day. Even though I've warned them that it is not worth taking, but they still want to also use them. the foursome try entering the same time, and finally he split right down the middle."

Hearing told Jono chronology, the old woman fainted on the spot.

Because Boss Has Intelligence

Two workers were digging a well on customer orders during a water crisis. They struggled against the heat of the sun with gusto. But one man said to his co-workers.

"Why do we have to sunbathe dug this well, while we sit boss shelter under the tree?"

"I do not know," his colleague replied, "Let me ask the boss."

He was then out of the well and approached his boss.

"Boss, why do we have to dig these wells in the sun, while the mas boss just sat under the tree this cool?"

"Intelligence," said the boss.

Workers so confused, "What do you mean boss with 'intelligence'?"

The boss said, "Let me show you. I will put my hand on this tree. Now, at hand with your fist forcefully"

Without delay, the well digger square off and hit the hands of his boss. The boss immediately remove his hand before it hit a punch. As a result of the workers hit the tree hard and direct-roll rolling in pain.

The boss said, "It is the intelligence!"

After a little better, well-digging back into the hole. His friend asked, "What did the boss say?"

"He said, we dug this because intelligence .."

"What is intelligence?" his friend asked, surprised.

The well-digging newly-roll rolling it and then put his hand right in his face and said, "Take your hoe, and then at my hands energetically you!".
Best Collection of Funny Short Stories
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