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Adverse Impact of Sleep Deprivation Night To Health

You may not believe that lack of sleep brought a lot of adverse effects, either directly or indirectly. Sleep is a mandatory requirement of all people without age restriction. In fact, infants require hours more sleep than adults. Hours of sleep is ideal for adults is: between 6 to 8 hours / day.

But based on the fact that look, many of us who fail to meet the quota sleep a night, but replace it with a nap. This situation continues to increase as full hours of work carried out by the evening.

If we have time in lieu, for example, a nap, maybe not too risky, as long as it does not happen every day. It would be dangerous if we do not have enough time to meet the hours of sleep, including the following:

Traffic accident
Generally, an accident on the highway caused by three things: a sleepy, drunk, and violating traffic rules. Drowsy driving is very risky. People who sleep less are potentially quite a large can sleep while on the go.
If you already have plans for the long journey by private vehicle, you should take some time to rest, and good night's sleep.

Learning Ability Impaired
Lack of sleep is bad for students or anyone who required good concentration and reasoning. A person becomes easy to forget when sleepy, it's because of loss of concentration which is fatal to your work.

Lowering the level of Libido and Testosterone Levels
This condition is caused by the body limp, lacking air-energy, and excessive sleepiness. Libido leads to adult men's health, such as impotence and premature ejaculation.

Symptoms of depression due to lack of sleep is most easily detected are: excessive anxiety, is very sensitive, irritable and angry, and the condition of the body limp.

Damaging Skin
Lack of sleep results in your skin becomes pale, wrinkles and fine lines appear. The worst case will usually result in a circle on the eye swollen and secrete cortisol / stress hormones that much. Excessive cortisol can damage collagen, so the skin becomes inelastic.

Inhibit Growth
Sleep is a process of metabolism for growth. Lack of sleep causes the weakened muscle mass, also result in tissue damage in various points of the body.

Other bad effects from lack of sleep the night:

Often fantasize the risk of heart disease, the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes trigger, sooner dementia, cognitive disorders, and appetite disorders.
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Aw. I never think a lot about what is happen if lack of sleep. Thank for ur writting

@Rodney KSiegel Yes, I also love staying up. But try to reduce the activity of the night for the sake of health. Thanks for commenting, greetings :)

I always worry about my skin when I go to bed. When I wake up, how about my skin will be... Now I knew about "damaging skin" when I am lack of sleep. I have to change my sleep habit in tomorrow right now, I just sleep around 5-6 hours per day. It is worse. Thank your writing