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How to Disable Chrome Auto Reload Page Site (extensions)

Do you ever get angry when you're serious reading an article on the site, and then suddenly, the site reload the page?

In other cases, sometimes you are redirected to another page without prior notice. Tricks like this often occur to increase the amount of traffic regardless of the convenience of the reader.

So far, I have not found a way of really telling to solve this problem, especially in the Chrome browser. But at least, there is an extension worth a try.

A few hours ago, I had to install this extension on a desktop browser, the result is quite good, although there are many flaws in it. I myself only give 3 to this extension.

Name: Auto Refresh Blocker

Stop webpages automatically reloading
This extension stops webpages from using a element in the head section of the document to automatically reload. There is also an option to block the http "Refresh" header. Pages that use javascript to reload can be added to a blacklist by pressing Alt-B or by right-clicking the icon. Blacklisted websites will be prevented from reloading by any method, including clicking the reload button (you will need to click it twice if you want to manually reload the page).

Additional Information
  • Version: 1.9
  • Updated: May 22, 2016
  • Size: 24.54KiB
  • Language: English

  • Can block scripts and meta tags that try to reload the page.
  • The size is quite small, so it could be easily downloaded and installed.

  • Only works after-related sites added to the black list.
  • Does not work automatically to all sites. So it must be manually to add it to the sphere of the black box.
  • Sometimes, these tools do not work when websites try to redirect multiple times in one time.
How to Disable Chrome Auto Reload Page Site (extensions)
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