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Tips on How to Make Natural Twins Pregnant

Having a child for the couple is a dream that has always been a top priority. There are some husband and wife who want twins. But unfortunately having twins is not easy as you think. When you want to have twins means that there will be two sp3rm fertilize two eggs you. There are some people who say that having twins can be influenced by heredity. If there is one family who have twins, there is the possibility of offspring may also have twins.


Before we discuss tips to get twins, let us consider the factors that influence and support to get the twins.
Descendants. If there are twins in the family, or by yourself are twins, then the chances of carrying twins is greater.
Age. The opportunity to be able to have twins usually come about when you were growing up. A woman with age above 35 years to produce more FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) than young women. Women with high FSH can release more than one egg for ovulation in one cycle.
Twins history. If you previously had twins of the same sex, it is likely that the next pregnancy have different genders.
Number of Pregnancy. If you've had twins before, the opportunity to conceive twins is higher.
The body type. Women who are tall and large are more likely to have twins than women being small.


On this occasion I will give you tips and how to get the twins are natural and easy to do. But you must understand all the tips below are an attempt to get twins, of course, all the provisions is the absolute property of God. For it is no less important is prayer.

Well, here are some of the business and how to get the twins you can do, among other things.

1. Prepare
The first step of course prepare. You and your partner need to prepare mentally and physically for pregnancy with twins. Pregnant with twins can be a tough job so mental preparation is needed, especially for expectant mothers. Can you handle and take care of two babies at once? One baby can be very troublesome, let alone two babies. If the answer you're ready, then move on! But if you're in doubt, you should not need to program the twins. Besides mentally, physically to be prepared because it contains two baby is different from the one baby. Heavy load when you got pregnant you should think about. You must be healthy, fit and have a good physical. If you are lazy to take care of fitness, undo your intention as a risk to the baby in your womb.

2. Eat Potatoes and Potatoes
To get the twins could have come from the food you eat. If you consume a lot of milk as a teenager, most likely to get larger twins. This is because more smoothly and increasing ovulation. In addition to the consumption of milk, you can also multiply the consumption of potatoes and sweet potatoes. Both of these foods is very believable to increase the production of hormones in the body. Ubi is able to stimulate the egg to fruition faster and more than one egg. So most likely get twins is greater than you who rarely consume yams and potatoes.

3. Consume Dairy Products
According to the Long Island medical doctor known for his studies in pregnant women and some birth, women who consume milk and other dairy products, especially milk from cows has a chance to five times higher chances of conceiving twins. According to the same study, a vegetarian has little chances of conceiving twins.

4. Consumption of Folic Acid
If you want to have twins, multiply the consumption of foods or supplements containing folic acid. Folic acid is a nutrient that is very good for women who are still in the program are pregnant and during pregnancy. For women who are pregnant in the program can help the process of ovulation increases so that the possibility of getting twins become larger. There are many foods that contain folic acid such as fish, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, avocado, red beans, and many others. Folic acid can also be obtained in the form of supplements that you can buy in pharmacies.

5. Ideal Weight
How to get the twins next is to have weight and height were ideal. Woman with ideal body weight or rather large (not too fat) have a chance of having twins is greater than thin women. According to a 2005 study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology, also said that women are tall also have a greater chance to give birth to twins. So, your ideal body shape from now. But it must still be accompanied by exercise and a healthy lifestyle. By exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will make hormones in the body increases. So that could affect the acceleration of the process of ovulation.

6. Pregnant While Breastfeeding
Most people think that you can not get pregnant while you are still breastfeeding (ASI), which a few months newborn. However, many mothers twins do not agree with the idea. Some research has supported the theory that the chance of getting twins increases if a woman becomes pregnant again while breastfeeding. Studies by Dr. Gary Steinman, claiming that women who become pregnant while breastfeeding nine times more likely to conceive twins than women who are pregnant but do not breastfeed.

7. Eating Oysters
Encourage couples (husband) to eat some oysters. Urban myths about the efficacy of oysters, is not entirely without basis. Oysters contain zinc (Zinc) high and this helps with the production of sp3rm, more healthy and speed up the movement of sp3rm. Where the movement of sp3rm that quickly had the possibility of being able to fertilize two eggs. Besides oysters, supplements that contain zinc include green leafy vegetables, cereals, bread, seed and grain.

8. Position Intimate
How to create twins related to the position in intimate relationships. There are some positions that will help get your relationship twins, among others;
1) Position side by side, the husband is behind wife
2) Related to how to stand, the husband is behind
The most important of penetration position is how the sp3rm is able to travel further and find the egg quickly. You can try a position that you think can do a perfect penetration.

9. Location and Weather
Based MD Health, how to get the twins are also influenced by the location and the weather where the couple lived. Greater opportunities to have a twins are a couple who live in areas with warm weather and the heat as well as exposure to sunlight is sufficient. Scientists believe that light and warm weather increases the secretion of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). So if you want to have twins, there is no harm in using this approach.

10. Stop the Use of Contraceptives
If you currently use contraceptives, stop immediately. The body needs a refresher reconfigured to produce eggs. When your periods stop using contraception, this is usually the egg 'surplus' production. Well, you can get in touch at these times, because the chances of the emergence of two egg cells are in this period.

11. Fertilization Program / Program Twins
Tips tenth is not the natural way. Medical How can you do to get twins is by way of fertilization. This technology is being widely used and developed since proven to get the twins. For this you can not do alone. Should be assisted by doctors and specialized medical personnel to handle the program with twins. Later there will be a way of embryos implanted in the uterus of a woman and wants to how many children in the get. For this fertilization program must spend a lot of money because the price is expensive.

Effect of offspring is greater to have twins. But even then not always on the first descent, could further offspring. The most effective way is to do a fertilization program. This program is very effective because with the help of medical and monitored by a specialist. Unfortunately, to do this program you have to spend a lot of money.
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