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How to Delete Facebook Friends Quickly

Today, I will share interesting information about FB. Deleting all your friends on facebook at once with one click to use tokens. The tools used to control and provide an outstanding choice. Do you want to delete a lot of friends in facebook by gender or by their country?

I do not recommend this to injure another person, because then, without them knowing it, their friends completely destroyed, missing from their list of friends. The method used is very simple, in fact, small children are also able to perform this trick. To be sure you have access token in the target account.


You need to understand that, friendship facebook account will be permanently deleted, so do not be interested if you just try. We launch this tool at the request of one of my friends who have a lot of friends are not known, so the need to remove all the friends from different countries or languages ​​easily.

To use this free application, I would suggest using a computer, although you can also use mobile devices, such as Android, iPhone, and others with a very fast time.

Do remove friends use secure tokens

Yes, while the account is yours, why not ?. Then, how does it work, and where to start?
Please follow the following tutorial:
  • If you want to delete a lot of friends in the filter by gender, please enter here.
  • If you want to delete a lot of friends in the filter according to their languages ​​in FB, please enter here.
Once entered on one page above, please enter your account token. If you do not already have a token of HTC Sense, download the first token, the next execution. Very easy is not it?
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