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Game Review "Tahu Bulat" Fried Impromptu, in the Car

tahu bulat games
Games "Tahu Bulat / Round Tofu" is now a game that is discussed by prospective young entrepreneurs, for you who've installed this game, you're looking to be a businessman, so about the appropriate sentence for you gamer "Tahu Bulat" or the true connoisseur "Tahu Bulat".

Hae, bulaters (call for gamers "Tahu Bulat"), who admit you've been playing this game show you how much money you have gathered. In addition to the game makers who use bad moments "Tahu Bulat", the game maker also seems to embed a profound message to the bulaters, how to become entrepreneurs or traders figure out the right one.

If ASKEDBOSS, the first thing to do before playing the game "Tahu Bulat" is, to collect some money from the sale of "Tahu Bulat" delicious, but with the sale of a limited portion, how to play the live "tap tap tap" your finger across the screen, then visitors will come quickly, after playing a game "Tahu Bulat", we are actually required to manage our money properly.


Once the money is collected, the next thing to do is to update ASKEDBOSS speaker, so that people far away can hear if there is "Tahu Bulat" was itinerant and hawking wares. After that maximizes kitchen equipment and set up tents in the car so no hot tub exposed to the sun.

Citing the history of "Tahu Bulat": In the beginning "Tahu Bulat" sold by street vendors, using a pickup with loudspeakers in the State of Indonesia, of course with the typical chant sweetly.

"Tahu Bulat", Digoreng Dadakan, Di Mobil, Lima Ratusan, Gurih..gurih..gurih.. Nyoiiii

That roughly, the article every area that sells "Tahu Bulat" have a different jargon, which I mentioned above is generally in the country.

Problem game "Tahu Bulat", in this game there are four categories that you need to learn as a prospective entrepreneur "Tahu Bulat", namely category Cars, Recipes, Promo, and goods. What will you upgrade beforehand so they can bring a lot of customers? If I start with recipes, tasty him automatically if the buyer will be back again. If the Game Tahu Bulat, the recipe in the upgrade will bring more coins, indirectly making the price out to be more expensive.

The second is the Car category, the items that are in the car covers, speakers, kitchen, tent, car, signpost, fan, and tv. All the items contained in the car can attract buyers / accelerate buyer to come. After the two main things that are already cool, go to the matter of marketing.


Sign into the Promo category, in this category we will be presented some interesting ways to bring in customers, one of which is to spread a brochure or poster "Tahu Bulat", it can also bring in ngaew customers, more quickly and more.

The last category is the goods, in this category there are four menu options, including the Clock, Clock x3, Golden Hour and Tako. Everything, has the function to get sales results instantly, as Tako is usually hung above the balloon, we as bulaters can be lowered by clicking Tako so as not to drift again, we can witness short video and then Tako will enjoy "Tahu Bulat" above car (not floating anymore), of course, you can bonus 4 hours in which proceeds out for 2x the price initially.

After several days of playing this game, until now the money that I managed to collect as Rp2.317.671.976 (currency Indonesia). Well how about you? How successful money you get from selling Games Round Tofu is? 1 billion, 2 billion, 3 billion? or has reached tens of billions?

How come, calls for? or even confused? Well, then you are confused, try to directly play the game like what she called "Tahu Bulat" is. Or want the same contacts are made, please click here to contact the developer directly same game "Tahu Bulat". Download game "Round Tofu" and acquaintance with Eldwin Viriya a game developer and founder Own Games (Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia).
Game Review "Tahu Bulat" Fried Impromptu, in the Car
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