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Differences Transgender and Transsexual

Definition of transgender
Transgender is the way people behave or look does not match the gender roles in general. Transgender is the man in the various levels of "breaking" the cultural norms about how men and women should be it. One woman, for example, is culturally required to be more gentle. If such a man of character, it's called transgender. People who are born with external genitalia that the male-female combination also includes transgender. Transgender some are dressed in clothes of the opposite sex, either once or regularly. Behavior is what might make some people change their gender, such as the man into a woman and vice versa.

Definition of transsexual
Transsexual is a person whose gender identity opposite to biological gender. They feel trapped in your body is wrong, such as a person who was born a man but felt that he was a woman. Transsexual can cause gay or lesbian behavior, but this behavior can not be equated with gay or lesbian. Transsexual man could have attracted to other men because he felt that she was a woman. A transsexual require medical intervention, including hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery, to correct errors and lead a normal life back.

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