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Comparison Photos App, Camera360 vs B612

For fans selfie photos or other types of photography, and for users of Android smartphones, are not necessarily familiar with the application Camera360 and B612.

Both the camera application can provide the images and more varied in accordance with the wishes. There are many interesting features of the strengths of each application.

In this article, we discuss the comparison between the two applications the camera. The following description of the comparison between Camera360 and B612.

Camera360 Ultimate

Camera 360 is a camera application that is favored by the users of Android smartphones. Evidenced by the number of downloads reached more than 100 million.

Applications with many functions and advantages of this is a free application that can be easily downloaded and the size of the application itself is not so great. For the latest version of Camera360 Ultimate, size is only 38 MB only.


Application issued by the developer PinGuo Inc. This presents the interesting features and continues to be updated until you can enjoy a variety of interesting features in the latest version of the Camera360 this.

One included into Top Features in this application is more than 10 Free Camera Modes. Various camera modes available can be used according to your photography needs.

Among the camera mode Camera Poster, Audio Camera, Selfie Camera, Camera Effect, Tilt-Shift Camera, Camera Funny, and much more.

The next feature that is no less interesting is the more than 200 filter photos Exclusive and Free. The presence of these many numbers of filters that provides convenience in the process of editing as desired and was accompanied by a wide range of professional editing tools such as overlay, textures, tilt-shift, and others.

You will also get album Cloud for free and easy access to disseminate the images of Camera360 Ultimate on several social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

One more interesting and most preferably from Camera360 Ultimate, ie all the features and what is presented by this application, or do not wear a FREE additional cost at all.

Applications are free, lightweight size, and a myriad of features in it waiting for the lovers of photography via smartphones and tablets based on Android.


B612 - Selfie from the heart

Issued by LINE Corporation, B612 camera application is targeting those who like to do the activity selfie. B612 comes with a variety of interesting features and ease of use.

Currently, the B612 has reached version 3.1.0, and can run on devices with Android OS version 4.0.3 and above. Size is only 28 Mb, of course, make the camera application is easy to download and run.

Features presented in the B612 became one of the charms of this application. Especially for those who really enjoys selfie activity. Selfie activity you would be more pleasant and the images become more varied.

One of the features provided is Random Filter. Random This filter helps you to choose which filter to use.

For those of you who are lazy select a filter, the filter Random This will facilitate and accelerate the process of editing photos. In addition, the B612 will also remember which filters are commonly used and will choose one for you for you.

Another feature that you can get on the B612 in between Timer, Vignette, Tilt-Shift, Selfie Stick, Rear Camera Support, Selfie Videos, and easy to share with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Camera360 Ultimate and B612 are both a camera application that provides easy and the images that can be tailored to the wishes.

The advantages and disadvantages of each application can be basic considerations you prefer or more use which.

As an additive to know how good the quality of the application, you can read some of the reviews that have been written by the users of the application in the review section on Google Play.

Thus the discussion about the comparison between Camera360 with B612 by ASKEDBOSS. Hopefully, the information presented in this article is helpful for you.

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