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The Latest Collection of Funny Advice - Cool

Here's a collection of funny wise motivation suitable for posting to social networking twitter and facebook status.

When cheating your boyfriend, that's proof that life is full of surprises.

Attach your photos on eBay, may be sold, and you can have a boyfriend.

A man shall have mistresses, if his girlfriend was ill can use the backup!

If your problem very heavy, then dieting!

Better have crushes beautiful than the former ugly.
Funny Advice
Former is good are those who are willing to help find a new crushes for us.

When you begin to doubt the love, you may need to replace another person who is more convincing.

Always fail to make love? courting the contract, if appropriate, a new contract was extended.

Do not judge a book by its cover but look at the price.

Learning to wait is received crushes can be started from studying queuing at the bank.

Silence is golden, then increase lets silence can open gold shops.

If smiles can not make you happy, maybe you have to laugh out loud.


Look for a girlfriend who is more handsome or beautiful than the former let no progress.

Better not to have a boyfriend but her match saucy, rather than substitute for the boyfriend but never destined.

Many read so often forget, never read anything is forgotten.

Where there's a will, there must a reason, then look for reasons as much as possible.

Do not expect pronounced morning of crushes, directly to the nearest minimarket course, would be saying good morning.

A sense of missed it be to anyone, including to the boyfriend.

Friends with ugly if you look handsome.

Throw your ex in the trash can!

If you are denied crashes several times, please consult the store nearest mirror!

Because sleep habits early part of artisan mode.


Useless got handsomeness if your girlfriend too handsome!

multiple crashes, dear ex!

The cold weather was delish embraced the former.

Try smiling when you cry, can not?

Have breakfast with a sweet tooth, do not use the bitter memories breakfast with her ex.

Beware of the former contact to you, he might collect a debt!

Not everyone can speak but everyone can smile.

Instead of time, let alone the test of marriage, if dah 3 months do not fit, return it to his parents.

For what wealth is abundant, plentiful gold jewels, all of it is useless! (Because everything belongs to someone else)

If you are tired of sitting, then jump-case jump!
The Latest Collection of Funny Advice - Cool
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