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The 7 Facebook Impressive New Features in 2016

On facebook, we can share positive content, video and still images up to a lot of features provided by facebook. That is what makes Facebook have loyal users because it is always updated features that are owned. Well, this time, I will discuss the latest features 7 facebooks impressive.

1. Facebook can help you to forget the former
When we were not in a relationship with someone, then facebook will ask whether we want to remove from the shared memories of former or even block the former. With so Facebook will remove all of your memories on facebook related content such as photos or ex-post.

2. The 7 emoji that can describe our feelings
The next cool feature that is 7 facebooks cool emoji that will allow us to express feelings when the current status and comment on photos. The Emoji is not foreign to your online users to version 7.

3. Applications facebook messenger to be smarter
Facebook application applications facebook chat messenger is free for all smartphone users, even if we do not have a facebook account then we will still be able to use the facebook application.

Additionally, facebook is also going to launch its newest feature m virtual assistant that is almost similar to Siri and Google Now. However, somewhat different from the series or google now, this is just a difference that is a consistent response to text to go to vote, the feature will answer any questions you quickly.

4. profile photos that can move
For those of you who have not tried the features would be nice to try a way to replace your profile picture with moving images gif extension. With so see your facebook profile will look more lively and interesting.

In addition, it also adds features facebook profile photo while, so we can change the profile photo while in accordance with the specified time and would go back again to the previous photo when time is up.

Facebook also will facilitate us as users to the events in the world that is considered important, such as the tragedy of the terrorist attacks in Paris Facebook users can change their profile photos with the background of the flag of Paris.

5. Sharing lives video
With the live video feature, we can share with our friends on facebook directly, maybe when we're traveling or the other.

6. Facebook can detect the presence of people around us
When he was in a foreign place must have us confused want to talk with anyone, with the help of new features facebook called "nearby friends" can help us find a friend who is actually near us.

But for now, the cool features can only be accessed through mobile and defaults are still inactive.

7. Content gif
Facebook last cool feature is a gif image. A few months ago we could not publish the content in the form of a gift, but now facebook has been able to post a gif image content.
But we can not upload directly to Facebook, for that, we have to first upload to the web or other media. Next, copy and paste the URL of the gif image to a post FB page. If this one is rather complicated. For active users facebook certainly often see scattered gif content posted on your homepage.
The 7 Facebook Impressive New Features in 2016
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