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BBM Video Call App in Android

The number of users of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is still a lot of possibilities. But it seems not of the BlackBerry device itself, rather than Android or iOS.

BB have not released any of the products in 2016, but he was strengthened by adding new services to support the fuel. One of them is a Video Call. The service is set to follow the trend of the 4G networks are widespread throughout the world.


BBM Video Call of course, still is used for BB OS 10 as a priority. Moreover prepared for the next stage with a minimum Android OS version KitKat. Currently, the service is still in the Beta format that can already be used for 10 BB and Android users in the US and Canada.

As for the iOS version will follow later. If there is no obstacle, the whole world will be able to try this application in July 2016. Do you still use BBM as a media chat?
BBM Video Call App in Android
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