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Auto Like and Comment FB Status Free With Token

A tool designed for a friend like status and photos on Facebook, allows users to indulge, even though you're not online though, they are still able to comment and click Like automatic status.

You'll see the difference these applications than other possible applications exist on the internet about the capabilities and intelligence to execute.


Not all status and photos will be favored

  • Our tool will work like this:
  • See what your latest status (applies also to the status of photo)
  • See how many likes on the status
  • See the current status for everyone who likes your status
  • Replying their mails or Like Back and accompanied by comments (optional)


Although our tool works on the latest status, but not for all the friends who appear diberanda. So the trick is in response to a reply for someone who likes your facebook status, so you will not waste your (thumb) to stingy (thumb).

Before using this application, make sure that you've got the latest status liqueur, at least one person. After using the application, you can view their account, and certainly in their latest status also exists likes of you.



NOW.. This TOOLS is Not Work!!
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