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10 Kinds of Fruit Are Good for Pregnant Women

Fruit is good for pregnant women consumed it very much. These fruits contain many vitamins are very important for the health of pregnant women. There are several types of fruit are good and dangerous for pregnant women consumed.

The nutritional requirements for pregnant women would be very important. Fruits can be the right choice for adequate nutrition during pregnancy. There are several types of fruit is best eaten while pregnant. Fruits of this type usually contain folate, antioxidants and various types of vitamins that are needed in the process of growth and development of the fetus.

Here is a list of great fruit for pregnant women as well as the benefits of the fruit itself.

1. Apples
The apple is very good for consumption by pregnant women. Apples have very high nutrient content. Apples help the growth process of the fetus while still in the womb.
2. Pears
Pears is rich in folic acid and vitamin C is high enough. Folic acid is of course very important in the growth and development of the fetus. Additionally, pears are also rich in fiber which prevents constipation.

3. Guava water
Just like apples, vitamins and nutrients in the water rose very high. In addition, the water rose this moisture content is high enough, it can certainly help prevent dehydration.

4. Avocados
The avocado fruit is good for pregnant women because it contains folic acid is quite high. In addition to folate, avocados also contain potassium and vitamin B complex. Folic acid works to improve fetal brain development and also in the process of growth and development of the spinal cord in the fetus. Vitamin B complex is helpful to reduce nausea during pregnancy especially young pregnant in the first trimester.

5. Kiwifruit
Remove kiwi have a high antioxidant content. Therefore, kiwi fruit is beneficial to keep the immune system so that the mother is not susceptible to disease.
6. Mangosteen
Mangosteen has a very high antioxidant content. Besides the content of vitamin C and folate contained in mangosteen is also high enough to make this one fruit must be consumed by pregnant women.

7. Dragon fruit
The dragon fruit has a vitamin C content is high enough. The content of vitamin C in dragon fruit is beneficial to keep the immune system in pregnant women. Besides, dragon fruit has a thick enough skin texture, making the dragon fruit is protected from pesticides.

8. Banana
Banana contains folic acid which is good for the fetus. Moreover, these bananas aid digestion so it can help prevent constipation. At the time of a young pregnant, bananas can help alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness or nausea and vomiting in pregnant women.

9. Watermelon
Watermelon has a high water content. It makes watermelon is very useful to treat dehydration. Watermelon is also cope with swelling in the legs because it is able to reduce clogging of blood vessels. Watermelon is also helpful to reduce morning sickness as well as bananas.

10. Papaya fruit
The enzyme papain in papaya is very dangerous in pregnancy, then how should consume papaya. For the mother, it can consume papaya really cook in order to reduce the risk of miscarriage and also minimizes sap on papaya. Papaya has a high fiber content which can aid digestion. But if the mother is afraid to eat papaya, mothers can replace the kind of fruit in others.
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