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Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Can Performance, Positive Response

Samsung's reputation is at stake at the top. Flagship patents featured a major weapon. The products mentioned last ASKEDBOSS is top notch. Charisma attached as registrar. Up to get a positive response in the market.

Based on one of the speakers at the ITC Roxi Mas, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 into one of the products that are hunted by the gadget mania. Note 4's successor as capable of straddling the incision sales in several other top class vendors. "For us to carry, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 sold ten units a day," said one of the sellers on the 3rd floor some time ago.

Curiosity was upset, what was actually adopted by most brand products Korea's alert. Apparently, in addition to the S-Pen, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 also has the reliability in multimedia.

Exterior aspect so charming. Material metal collaborates with glass presents a premium look. Eggshell solid at the back makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 sturdiness. This body is firmly attached so it can not easily be assembled in a simple manner.

Similar to the style curved Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the body behind the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 also has a unique touch. Curved toward the edges so it looks exotic when viewed. Moreover, the color choices were varied. Namely, Black Sapphire, White Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium Silver.

Also, the same as the previous series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 carrying the S-Pen as a means of execution scratch. Its existence was brought convenience for you who like to record in digital slate. This tool is also very intuitive to use. You can write your ideas or information when the screen is in an inactive state (off screen). Without the need to unlock the phone with Screen Off Memo feature can be stored in the page S Note.

There is six short-cut menu that Action Memo, Smart Select, Screen Write, and three other menus. Consumers can freely choose their favorite menu to put into it. Users can also add information in a PDF document directly and then save it back as a PDF.


What is also interesting that consumers can save web articles or images up to 22 pages long. Remarkably, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can make a comfortable 1 pages read by using Scroll Capture feature.

Anyway, the S-Pen slot that easily falls apart is not entirely true. ASKEDBOSS accidentally entering the S-Pen with an inverted position. There are no significant problems. According to the logic ASKEDBOSS, S-Pen holder is not an easy problem, because it is specifically designed.
As for the density of the screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 became one of the best. Adopting ~ 518 ppm, the screen is sharp and clear.

Questioning the performance, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 unquestioned. Like a luxury car, the phone is like a Ferrari. Bodi Miami K, energetic performance. The kitchen was redone was not kidding.

To test the user experience satisfactory results. Open the multi-tab browsing, streaming, and even gaming could be implemented perfectly. There were no significant lag symptoms. All activities can be smoothly victorious.

In the battery, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features the Fast Charging technology that rapid charging with a cable or wireless. With the processor Exynos 7420 octal-core, 64-bit 14nm, with 4 core architecture, efficient batteries A53 which run at 1.5 GHz, and a 4 core again firmer A57 architecture running at 2.1 GHz.

Battery charging cable, the two devices can charge the battery to full capacity in 90 minutes, and with the latest Samsung wireless charger can fully charge the battery within 120 minutes.

The sharpness of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cameras steady. You can take pictures with a variety of fashion without worrying picture less sharp. Several shots had even in low light conditions, the results remain slick. This could make the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 bits arrogant.

Outside the room, you can get a sharper image. A splash of light is adequate to make the targeted object visible contrast. ASKEDBOSS perpetuate an overcast afternoon atmosphere hung in the office parking lot Kompas Gramedia in Kebon Jeruk. As a result, the color saturation is maintained with good brightness.

As for the affairs macro shooting, you can trust on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Live object to hold and keep the ideal camera. Detailed drawings can be seen clearly so that makes it interesting.

For the front camera, you can take advantage of a resolution of 5 MP as a means of self-documentation. So, you need not worry selfie unfavorable results. Because the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 promises quality equivalent to the price tag. Including providing Wide Selfie feature to add a background into a more spacious area.

In the video, you also get a variety of interesting image recording mode. Like Slow Motion and Fast Motion. Video-video creations can be made with ease. There are also features Video Collage mode, which allows users to record and edit short videos easily in multiple frames and using the selection effect.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 also presents a creation feature 4K Video and Live Broadcast, where consumers can live stream Full HD video directly from mobile phones via YouTube Live. People who receive a YouTube link of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can enjoy the live stream video from a smartphone, tablet, PC or Smart TV with YouTube network.

The songs can be sung through the speaker's classy body. Bursts voice sounded crisp. The condition, the volume is not pushed to the point of maximum. Therefore, the speaker will overwhelm if it should be enforced. As a result, fast beat can lose the details of his

The same thing when ASKEDBOSS deliberately playing videos via YouTube. Songs from Maroon 5 to sound slick if no maximum volume. So, if you really want to pamper your ear hears sound must understand the character of the speaker Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as a sound player.

Test of the audio-visual side is certainly very exciting. ASKEDBOSS deliberately instructed the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to play the film's action. With stunning visual acuity level that is not dazzling. Staring at the screen can linger, because the eye is not quickly exhausted.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 hit the market at a price of US $7.00. Again, premium prices offered by vendors Samsung. The range of US $7.00 price, there is a strong competitor, the iPhone 6 16 GB.

iPhone 6 16 GB in the Indonesian market priced at the US $7.10. Dimensions and weight are much lighter than the mini and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Connectivity is equally stretched 4G LTE. Has three memory capacity (16/64/128 GB). The technology is an equally adoption Fingerprint Sensor. OS is wearing iOS 8.4. Chipsetnya use of its own chipset, which Apple A8. Then the SIM card Hybrid technology adoption.

Shortage of iPhone 6 16 GB situated on a much smaller screen than the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. In addition, the screen is still wearing IPS LCD technology. The screen resolution and density of pixels is also lost quite a distance. The processor is still dual-core use. The strength of the front-rear camera is only 1.2 MP and 8 MP.


With the specification of tracks that carried the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Gawai still is eligible if compare the three variants that we lay on top. 4G LTE technology Cat9 making the experience in surfing in cyberspace faster and faster. Plus a roomy screen complements the user when opening multiple tabs, play games, and even watch videos via online.

Our Opinion:

When pockets of excess, please bring Note 5. This Samsung product has a lot of reliability in multimedia, performance, and the camera.

Reliable performance; the camera is okay; nan elegant design premium.

Do not have a micro SD slot; speaker body tends to crack.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Can Performance, Positive Response
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