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Nobody Wants Your Smartphone Exploded? So Do not Do It Here's 4

Smartphone explode? Can it? Of course, I can. Why is this so? For smart devices with greater power has great possibilities occur things like exploding fatal compared with ordinary mobile phones. Multiple occurrences of this exploding smartphone have several times happened.


Not only from the lower-class smartphone but some smartphones in its class #Apple has ever experienced this incident. From some fatality has ever seen this course we as users must be more vigilant in the use of this device. Not only by providing antivirus protection software, but more than that there are things you need to do to maintain.

Do not forget also to avoid some of the following things that can cause it to explode smartphone. Here's his review.

1. Try Do not Use Fake Accessories
To avoid #smartphone not explode, then the first thing you can do is to not use accessories which are false. Yes, this is indeed the case that makes many smartphones exploded. The use of improper accessories and genuine indeed will make smartphone stability will be disrupted.

Suppose you buy and use a smartphone battery is not genuine, it could be the power requirements are not fulfilled or smartphone becomes excessive. And when the power supplied is not correct, the smartphone could explode. From this then you should always wear and use original accessories for your smartphone to avoid the explosion of smartphones.

2. Never Occupy Smartphone
For those of you who often put smartphones in the back pocket of your pants pocket then you better start now avoid it. Why is that? Because when you do this and then you are not aware then you possess, then this will make the fatal thing.

What is the fatal thing? Of course, the explosion of smartphones. Why so? Because when you occupy a smartphone then this will create strong pressure on the smartphone and it will result in changing the shape of the battery slowly that will ultimately lead to short circuit battery charge and explode.


3. Do Saved In Case Distressed
The next thing that could make explode smartphone is kept in the bag? Stored in the bag could explode? How come? of course, you can, because when the smartphone is in store in the bag could be this smart device experiencing excessive pressure due to suppressed other items with a heavier load. Now the pressure is heavier it will be able to make the shape of the battery changed and then causes short-circuit battery charge and explode.

4. Charging in Hot Temperatures Can Spur Smartphone Exploded
Every smartphone certainly requires charging when the battery is reduced. Well when battery power is reduced, of course, it makes you have to do the charging. But while doing this you must be aware of the place or location of charging. Why is that? Because when you put the smartphone while charging is under the scorching heat of the sun, it will cause the smartphone to explode.

This occurs the hot sun will make a smartphone that has a temperature of heat due to charging more in warm climates. And if the growing smartphone overheats then it is not impossible that it will make your smartphone exploded. Some places that have direct contact with the sun is a window, door or the car dashboard.

5. Do not Play Games With a Serious Battery Charge
Ultimately, what you should avoid in order not to explode smartphone is not using this smartphone playing #game weight along with charging. What weight do play games with the explosion of smartphones? So if the smartphone is in charge and at the same time in the use of heavy game then this will create an extra processor to work more. Heavy games do require higher processor working.

Because large graphics processor makes extra work. And when this occurs simultaneously with the charging then this state will make the smartphone into a super hot. And when the heat has reached the highest degree of the adverse effects of the explosion of smartphones could happen.
Nobody Wants Your Smartphone Exploded? So Do not Do It Here's 4
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