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Tips Abort Age 3 Months Threatening Mother

Many of our brothers who may already alias excessive intimacy like as a husband and wife. Maybe some just want to try it and maybe there is wearing the traditional abortion drug, but it is still not effective.

The average person who first pregnancy, more rathe difficult to distinguish. Although there are common signs, such as cravings and nausea, but often thinks that he only changes the taste and or moderate disease. So, in the end, he realized it turns out she was pregnant and it looks when her stomach began to swell.


This practice is very dangerous, especially if the age of the fetus is mature, ie between 3 months to 9 months. In this phase, if still desperate wish to terminate the pregnancy, then it's not impossible that it was not just the baby you will die, but containing also will experience the fate of the same.

So, how should

Make this embarrassing incident as an important lesson not to repeat the same thing. You would be better if you retain the fetus was in the belly.

Remember, if decades ago your mother kills her belly fetus, and in it is YOU, if you can think that up until now you are still alive? No, you're dead.

Just think back, what made you become uneasy about the content you intend to get rid of it? Does the prospective father of the fetus you do not admit it? or maybe it was the result of promiscuity?

I'm not sure that you really do not ever get a new father for the baby, a moment must be offered to you, believe me .

Many cases of death caused by this terrible obsession. If you no longer affection towards the baby, at least think a that you still have a sense of compassion. Sorry for the family, father, mother, and yourself.


Usually, abortion improper cause bleeding, infection, anesthesia, embolism, and undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy. In addition to the risk of abortion lead to death, it is also fatal to breast cancer.

Other effects are no less terrible, although maybe you managed to abort a pregnancy at this time, but 98% you will also experience a baby from birth defects in subsequent pregnancies.

This can increase the risk of delivery complications, premature birth, and abnormal development of the placenta in a subsequent pregnancy.

Tips Abort Age 3 Months Threatening Mother
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