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The 10 People with Twitter Follower Most in the World (2016)

1. Katy Perry
A US singer, songwriter, and actress, Katy Perry is one of the most successful female musicians in the world today. So far, he has managed to sell around 81 million singles and became commercials famous brands such as Killer Queen, Purr, and Meow! Now, she was ranked No. One with the most followers on Twitter with more than 86.9 million followers.

2. Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is a talented young singer-songwriter from Canada. He successfully ranked second on Twitter with 79.7 million followers (and counting!). In fact, Bieber is not new to the social media. His talent was discovered by his manager through the video content from Youtube. He was later hired by RBMG and Island Records and became one of the most popular singers in the world in recent years.

3. Taylor Swift
Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is the next talented. Musician born in the United States have managed to become the world's top celebrities with a series of achievements that he got. Songs that were created by Swift often comes from personal experience. He also successfully won various awards, such as the Grammy Award. Commencing today, Taylor Swift has about 75.5 million followers on twitter.


4. Barack Obama
44th President of the United States has fans all over the world. He was president of the first black to lead the country of Uncle Sam. Ideology and ideas often become an inspiration to many people around the world. No wonder his Twitter account is ranked No. 4 with about 73.3 million followers.

5. Rihanna
Singer, actress and fashion designer Barbados have boosted its popularity immediately released her debut album 'Music of the Sun' in 2005, and advanced album, "A Girl Like Me 'in 2006. His name is increasingly top thanks to their hit song' Umbrella 'from the album' Good Girl Gone Bad 'in 2007 made itself Rihanna is much loved by people around the world. Today, it has about 59.2 million fans on his Twitter account.

6. Lady Gaga
'Poker Face' is one of the most popular songs sung by the controversial singer Lady Gaga. Popularity skyrocketed when he launched his debut album titled 'The Fame' in 2008. Lady Gaga is a singer, songwriter, and actress, famous for fashion and stage action that invites the pros and cons. Currently, it has about 58.4 million followers on Twitter.

7. Ellen DeGeneres
He calls himself a comedian, talk show host, and a truck driver. According to a Twitter bio. He was a public figure with an outstanding personality. Through the talk show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show 'that he is playing since 2003, he successfully lured millions of pairs of eyes on the TV screen. Currently, his Twitter account has more than 58 million followers, a little different with Lady Gaga.


8. Justin Timberlake
Another solo singer of American origin is Justin Timberlake who was ranked eighth. Songwriter and Hollywood actor has approximately 54.1 million followers on Twitter. Songs and albums are always burst, and lately, more and more twitter followers grew rapidly thanks to his role in a variety of films such as 'The Social Network' and 'Friends with Benefits' etc.

9. Britney Spears
With 44.9 million followers on Twitter, Britney Spears place finish ninth most followers. He was an artist and famous singers from the United States. Two of her first album behasil boost its popularity in the world music industry.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid footballer has a fan of men and women almost equally. Not only excel in sports, Ronaldo often graced the cover of the famous magazine in the world thanks to his handsome face. He has now won three awards as the best player in the world. His Twitter account has about 41.7 million followers, making it the most popular athletes on Twitter.
The number of followers each account will continue to change, but it almost always increases. As I have thoroughly in 2015 and then, there were many changes the position of the level of popularity.

Ranked earlier (February 2015)

  1. Katy Perry (61 million followers)
  2. Justin Bieber (57 million followers)
  3. Barack Obama (51 million followers)
  4. Taylor Swift (48.5 million followers)
  5. Lady Gaga (43 million followers)
  6. Britney Spears (40 million followers)
  7. Justin Timberlake (39 million followers)
  8. Rihanna (38 million followers)
  9. Ellen DeGeneres (36 million followers)
  10. Cristiano Ronaldo (32 million followers)

Most Twitter Followers history Account

Katy Perry proven to be the number one got the most followers in two consecutive years. The same holds true for Justin Bieber could maintain its position at number two after Katy Perry.

It seems that there is a slight shift in the position of the President of the United States (Barack Obama) with Taylor Swift. But the number of followers they are not much different, the difference is only 2.2 million.

A stunning achievement of Rihanna. He could jump out of order most followers eighth to fifth in the top 10. 2015 Rihanna position now occupied by Justin Timberlake which was previously J.Timberlake got the position number seven.

In addition to Justin Timberlake whose position decreased by one level, it turns out it is also experienced by Lady Gaga. He now occupies the 6th position from the previous position 5.

The downgrade also has overwritten artist famous US singer (Britney Spears), he now occupies the 9th position from the previous number 6. As for Ellen DeGeneres, now he successfully climbed from position 9 to the seventh position.

For Cristiano Ronaldo, the master on the gridiron, currently still survived to become an owner of the account with the highest number of followers number 10.

Seeing the number of followers they were chasing each other, what with your followers on twitter?
The 10 People with Twitter Follower Most in the World (2016)
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