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Know What It Insurance, Benefits, and Risks Insurance Type

Terms of Insurance
Insurance is a way to manage the risks that come unexpectedly in the future. In choosing the insurance, you need to understand the risks that may occur so that you can look for insurance that gives maximum benefits.

Perhaps you already know, insurance is basically a transfer of risk. For example, when the breadwinner dies or can no longer work because of an accident, the risks arising from the incident would be transferred to the insurance company when the family has insurance. Thus, the life of the family left behind is not too bothered.

Currently there are many Indonesian people who do not have insurance awareness. However, interest in buying insurance continues to rise. Data Life Insurance Association of Indonesia (AAJI) shows, the first half of the growth in life insurance premium income reached 26.6%. Life insurance premiums increased by Rp 53.58 trillion in the first half of 2014 to US $ 67, 8 trillion this year.

Meanwhile, the General Insurance Association of Indonesia (AAUI) announced the general insurance gross premiums in the first half of 2015 increased to Rp 28.1 trillion. That number increased to 10.2% compared to gains in the same period the previous year.

Now, if you also have a desire memiliiki insurance, but still hesitant to buy, you should first understand what the insurance. As mentioned previously, the insurance is a way to manage risk. Various risks that can happen in life and nature unpredictable, can be transferred or diverted to those who want to receive, namely the insurance companies.

Therefore, we encourage everyone to have insurance, especially insurance bear the risks that the chances of a big, such as life and health insurance. However, this risk transfer is not free. Insurance customers or buyers policyholder must pay a premium, customers can benefit from the risk of unexpected losses.



Basically, insurance is divided into two major classifications, namely life insurance and non-life insurance. Non-life insurance is often referred to as general insurance.

Life insurance is insurance that relates to humans or myself. Typically, this insurance insures risks associated with death, accident and health.

For example, if someone is having a traffic accident causing death or permanent disability. When he had life insurance, then he can offset losses from the accident he experienced to the insurance company. So also when he was suffering from chronic pain and need expensive medical costs.

AAJI differentiate into the three life insurance.

Character is the maximum protection with relatively low premiums. This insurance product is suitable for policyholders who want to protect the future of the family, especially children, and the new careers.

It is insurance that is protecting a lifetime. This insurance is suitable for policyholders who want to have protection and generate funds that can be used emergency savings, as well as policyholders who require permanent income protection, and policyholders who want to get some capital growth investments.

Protection provided by the insurance are insured for the amount of money the family when the insured dies within a specified period, or give the entire sum if he was still alive at the time of coverage.

Well, insurance is more fitting for prospective policyholders who need money for their children's education. In addition, policyholders need to fund in the future, for example to the pension fund.

If the life insurance related to human beings, general insurance usually associated with inanimate objects of this insurance provides protection for the risk of loss or damage to assets, such as houses, vehicles and other valuable items.

For example, a person involved in a traffic accident that makes a car that he uses badly damaged. To fix may require funding not less. If the person is already insuring their vehicle, of lighter losses incurred, because the insurance companies bear the risk.

AAUI general insurance classify into five parts.

  • Earthquake Insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Insurance Haulage

By knowing the types of insurance on the market, you can find the insurance that fits your needs. In addition to viewing needs, consider also the protection of what would benefit you get from the insurance you choose.


With insurance, you are able to transfer part or all of the risks of an incident to the insurance company. But you should still be careful, do not necessarily arbitrarily choose insurance. Because the insured are also at risk.

There are three major risks or things that could be a nightmare for insurance customers.

It could be someone to buy insurance to protect themselves from the risk, but the insurance he had taken not protect risks.

Consequently, the claim requested can not be met. So, when buying insurance, the customer should be careful and ensure that any risks are protected. Request information lengakap of realtors.

Insurance owned by the customer is in compliance with the risk that he experienced, but unscrupulous insurance perushaaan actually slow down or complicate the process of insurance claims.


Because the insurance company goes bankrupt, the customer certainly can not make a claim if experiencing risk.

Therefore, before choosing an insurance product, potential customers also need to find out the track record of the insurance company. Ideally, of course prospective customers can choose insurance companies that already have big names and products are already known to the public.

Risks in insured sometimes also come from errors or omissions own client. For example, because the customer neglect to pay premiums. Moreover, that often happens is that the client will make a claim for the purchase when customers are not honest. For example, customers keep critical illness which he suffered when filling out insurance forms. If this happens, the insurer is entitled to refuse to bear the risk. So, do not lie when buying insurance.
Know What It Insurance, Benefits, and Risks Insurance Type
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