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Features Https Blogspot Officially Launched End of April 2016

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Stay 5 days, starting from today (25 April), Google will inaugurate one of the security features for hosting the hero in Blogger permanently. Unfortunately, this applies to the new subdomain, while for the already registered to Top Level Domains yet to get this feature.


Unlike the previous ones. If the old version can only be done manually, by setting the settings in your Blogger dashboard, soon all Blogger users who have not changed to a Blogspot domain TLD, will automatically be transferred from HTTP:// to HTTPs://.

If for Wordpress itself already implementing this system. Of course, all users want to get the best features of a hosting provider. We wait at the end of April 2016, all Blogspot subdomains will be more awake to the reactivation (security) is.


But not only that, if we open Blogger for subdomains, Blogger offers specialized domain that can directly order via its partners. Of course, this will make it easier for users to buy a new domain for the site.
Features Https Blogspot Officially Launched End of April 2016
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