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Bali, Indonesia Holds Ancient Chinese Ceramics Exhibition

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Antique ceramic which is the historic relics of the Song Dynasty, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties of China, as well as art objects dating back to the Ancient Mataram, immediately exhibited in Denpasar, as a step to enrich the cultural center for local and international communities.

"Exhibition of antique ceramics held at Venue Geria Satria begin Saturday, April 16 explores about 600 seeds antique ceramics. There is also a statue of an elephant that comes from the days of the Ancient Mataram. If on a typical day there are people or tourists want to see our collection, can be contacted for confirmation time, "said Ida Bagus Mayun, a collector of antique ceramics in Denpasar, on Monday (04/04/02016).


According to him, only, this time, it held an exhibition of antique ceramics. During this time, the ceramic antique collection was only kept private and treated nicely to avoid damage.

"Ceramic I collected since 1973. My interest in antique ceramics is actually not intentional. I worked as a 'guide' and often escorted guests from Switzerland who asked to be taken to hunting antique ceramics," said the husband of Sri Lestari Mayun.

Activities take guests to various corners of the area to find antique ceramics of high value, making the man nicknamed Gus Mayun became curious and took interested in collecting art objects.
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After learning of the reference book, he said, had he understood the value of antique ceramics. In the past, the ceramic it is an object of the luxury class because it has a wide range of shapes, symbols and messages sculptures are carved quite unique and is often used as an exclusive meal or a drink.

According to him, ceramics are often referred to as a treasure of the Chinese, who always brought trading ships since time immemorial. So if there are Chinese merchant ship sank in the waters, there is almost always ensured antique ceramics in it are often the prey because they are extraordinarily expensive.


"In Indonesia, which collected generally in the form of antique Chinese porcelain originating from the Song Dynasty (960-1279), Yuan (1280-1368), Ming (1644-1912) and Qing (1644-1912)," he said.

The antique ceramics, said Gus Mayun, has its own authority, considering that in his time, the artist is not arbitrary in the process of creation. In addition to the materials selection, as well as making ceramics, the artist chose a particular day. This makes a ceramic can not be created in a short time, but can be up for months in order to achieve perfection results.

"That's why when creating ceramic works, the results are amazing and have the authority of its own spout. In fact, according to a survey in the United States and Europe, a collector of art sensation as if being in a safe, comfortable and soothing, like in nature protected trees. that picture thrill of collecting objects of art. Hopefully later realized ceramics museum, in order to enrich the tourist attraction in Bali, "said Gus Mayun.
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Bali, Indonesia Holds Ancient Chinese Ceramics Exhibition
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