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5 Steps Install Google Translate Offline

Google translate sometimes unreliable, especially when you are traveling to another country. Google Translate is a language translator tools that are familiar around the world. With this application, one can translate the various languages ​​that exist, in accordance with its requirements.

Now, Google Translate can be run offline. Now anyone can access Google Translate anytime and anywhere without internet access. With the offline mode, you do not have to worry truncated pulses, especially when in a country that roaming about.


Follow these five simple steps;

1.  Download and install the Google Translate app on the Play Store.
To get Google Translate app, you must first download and install the app in the Play Store app.

2. Open the Google Translate app.
After downloading and installing the Google Translate app in the Play Store app, open the app.


3. Tap the button with the three dots, and then select the Settings menu.
Now you have entered into the Google Translate app. Tap the button with the three dots appear in the upper right corner of the screen, then select the Settings menu

4. Press menu Offline Languages.
On the Settings menu, press the menu Offline Languages.

5. Select the language you want to download.
Languages ​​in the Offline menu, select the language you want to be downloaded by the user.

When users download the language pack is already a success, now you can enjoy the Google Translate app anywhere and anytime for free
5 Steps Install Google Translate Offline
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