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Viewed Tempering One of Habit How to Eat

Personality of someone potentially affecting their preference toward certain types of food and also, the most frequent type of food consumed by a person will gradually influence personality.

Not only that, the way a person eating a meal all is also closely related to personality type. Character of someone who would I peel below is the result of research Juliet A. Boghossian.

As written on its website, Divine Caroline, the results of research and observation Boghossian for approximately 20 years, following personality characteristics based on some general categories. ,


1. Eat slowly 
People are often slow in eating food, describing the personal adherence to routine, not the kind of person who would perform spontaneous activity.

Vices of this type are: They tend to be stubborn and put the interests of themselves first before considering the interest of others.

On the bright side, they usually pay attention to detail every task or other common activities. They always prepare everything before acting, of course, with careful planning.

2. Eat a hurry 
People who are accustomed to eat quickly is usually less proficient in determining priorities. Quite often they are overwhelmed when doing multiple tasks at once.

On the bright side, they tend to be unselfish and willing to put aside self-interest for the sake of those who are considered to be important in their lives. They are quite prolific and quick in completing a job.

3. Like the food mix 
People who like to eat with lots of side dishes at once, for example mix coconut milk with chili, then added with a salad and if nothing else, will be added as well, they have a character that is quite fascinating. They can carry out the responsibilities and mandate efficiently.


In effect, they are often difficult to decide what is most important to achieve first. It's hard to concentrate on a particular task, because it used to do everything together.

4. Recycle-separated food 
People who have a habit of eating by separating food, they include people who are task oriented, focus on completing the task as per the order given. They tend to prefer a methodical approach in doing something.

On the negative side, they become less flexible when faced with unfamiliar situations / first-time pass

5. Cut up the meat before eating 
People with this personality type as well suited for positions that require logical thinking and precision such as engineering, accounting, or computer technology.

6. Love curious about new foods 
People who like to get bored with the food menu that's it and always wanted to know how the taste of certain foods, meaning they have the creative habit. Just like in the habit of eating food, they are also not afraid to explore new things in life.
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