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The ability of iPhone 5 Better Of Android

iPhone and Android smartphones continue to be debated prowess. Some say the iPhone better than Android. Some say the opposite. Android is better than iPhone.

Objectively, they do have different capabilities. Hence, there is perceived advantages and disadvantages. It turns out there are 5 capabilities the iPhone better than Android. The ability of the iPhone better than Android is what makes it feel more sophisticated. Any 5 iPhone capability is meant? Here are our findings.


Shortcut to Applications Previous

For users who are very active social media, like Facebook, for instance, the shortcut is very favorable. Often we get into links articles posted on Facebook. If it is too far into the article or video link, usually iPhone provides a shortcut to the previous application.

Android phone instead could not do things meant. But the iPhone is so much easier approach, elegant, without having to frequently touch the back button.

Scroll Right to Return

iPhone does not have a back button. For those who are unfamiliar may be difficult to adapt to the way slide to the right on the iPhone. However, this method is better than push the button back. It's like you're turning the pages. Feel more natural than the need to reach the back button below the screen.


Back to Top in One Tap

When you read a long article on the site, you have to scroll back to the top of the article to find the bar tab. It takes effort several times touches. Well, in just one tap, in reinforced iPhone iOS 9.0, you just tap the status bar once to return to the top page.

Keyboard iPhone Feels Better

Although many Android keyboard developed by third parties. But the iOS keyboard on the iPhone, especially on the 4.7-inch screen feels very comfortable and faster than Android keyboard.

Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is an additional feature that is commonly found in Android. iPhone also has the same features. But Apple seems a better solution than Android.

iPhone will automatically turn off the Low Power Mode when it reaches 80% power. On most Android phones, you have to turn it off manually Low Power Mode. Many cases where the funny is happening because forgot to turn off this mode. Connectivity and performance of Android die because users forget to turn off their Low Power Mode.
The ability of iPhone 5 Better Of Android
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