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Review : Features and Performance Airbnb

Features and Performance Airbnb

There is a joke that says that for those who do not know Airbnb means not travel often. This confirms that Airbnb is a service that is quite popular around the world.


What Is Airbnb?

Airbnb (Air Bed n Breakfast) is an online service where we could rent a place to stay, or rent our homes for a place to stay for others. The place can be rented houses, private rooms, villas, or apartments.

For those who want to rent, Airbnb is helpful to provide an alternative when going on vacation in a city or country. This service is an option for those who want to get a different atmosphere and accommodation cheaper than staying at the hotel. As for the tenant, Airbnb can be one way to earn extra income by renting out their properties. The following reviews the features and performance of our Airbnb.


Features and Performance Airbnb

Before running Airbnb, you must log in using an account created themselves. If you are lazy, could use Google or Facebook account. As mentioned earlier, there are four functions available. At Home function, you just type a keyword in the search function.

Here you can type or speak through the Google Now features, to the destination. Later will show search results based on a database owned Airbnb. Press one of the data that is displayed to get more detailed information about available locations. If it matches the location that has been seen, you can directly make bookings by pressing Instant Book and follow the next guide.


At the Wish List function, the user can choose a place or favorite locations to be visited later. By putting Wish List, you do not have to bother looking for it in the future. Just go to the menu Wish List and do the booking, so the process is faster.

There is another feature Message, which is useful for you to make contact with the host or hosts. From here you can perform a variety of communications related to the rental place or another. Upcoming Trips function will display the notes of the places that you have a message or a visit.


In addition to the four main functions, you will also find top right corner of the Profile menu. This is useful as the identity and history displays all of the things that you've done on Airbnb. From here you can invite friends to get credit in the form of a rebate. There are also List Your Space which displays a list of places that match the desire by the type of place.

From here also you can not only act as a guest or renter, but also as a tenant. For that you can change the options in the profile to Switch to Hosting Services. Later you will find a different menu which allows you to display the place you want to offer on Airbnb.


As far as I try, the performance Airbnb able to search quickly enough. Despite having a large database, the search can be done in seconds without pausing too long. Various information obtained is also playing very well where the preparation of the information is very clear and easy when searching for information.

Because it needs to access the database and the ability to communicate with you as a tenant or tenants, then this app requires internet access of course. Although somewhat less popular in Indonesia, features and performance Airbnb really help you, especially entrepreneurs property.

Review : Features and Performance Airbnb
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