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Business VOIP - Hongdian H9900 3G / 4G VoIP Router, Multi Internet for Small Business

This router is intended for small businesses that require an Internet connection

Nowadays, more and more young people set up small and medium businesses. Similarly, start-up businesses that are loved by young children and were greeted investors worldwide. For that small businesses, will require communication device practical, reliable and can be used all employees.
This time, AskedBoss review Hongdian H9900, a device that can receive multiple sources of internet and divide it into lots of people in one office.

Various ports and buttons contained in Hongdian H9900 3G / 4G VoIP Router

By design, Hongdian like Wifi Router in general, predominantly white with a little sweetener in the form of an orange stripe across it. Position can be placed vertically or horizontally, according to needs and circumstances. There are four RJ-11 port (port a landline) on the back side, for connecting an analog phone is still widely used in the home or small office, to the Internet-based communications (VoIP). Yes, VoIP can now become a mainstay of communication lines to call worldwide at reasonable cost.

Right next door, there is an ADSL port for connecting to the internet ADSL as Telkom Speedy. What if there is no ADSL connection? Do not worry, this device has been providing slot SIMcard 3G / 4G to access the internet through several major carriers. Because it's available internal modem, it is not necessary to add a modem to connect the device to the 3G / 4G network.

Once connected to the Internet, either through ADSL (Speedy) or via the operator 3G / 4G internet connection can be shared to multiple computers in one room. How, can pass network cable, via 4 RJ-45 earlier. Can also via Wi-Fi, because the tool also serves as a Wi-Fi Router. As Access Point standard, this tool has also been layered security features WPA and WPA2, so that not just anyone can access it.

Beside him, lined up four RJ-45 (Ethernet), which can connect multiple computers in one room. Also tucked into a USB port, which can be connected to an external hard drive, that can be shared with other users in one room. Really a complete mini devices and multifunctional, the VoIP phone connects via many alternative paths.

All of the features can be accessed via a web browser-based alias, so it is very easy to manage. Although it is not intended for the layman, but fairly easy management features. The menu structure is made as simple as possible for easy setup and use. There is also a wizard for easy setup for a novice user.

Hongdian H9900 3G / 4G VoIP Router also embed SIM card slot 3G / 4G

There are many standard features that are contained in a router, for example, network security is filtered through IP, Mac, and domain. This tool also supports dynamic DNS settings, VPN, IP Forward, even the DHCP server. With the main objective as VoIP gateway, then this tool has a menu of VoIP applications. We can register up to 4 SIP-based VoIP account. Well, the fourth that account can be linked to four RJ-11 ports (FXS), which have been mentioned earlier.


Through a small device Hongdian H9900 this, we will have a door to a lot of internet connection. If the location is no ADSL connection is certainly more stable and affordable tariffs, these tools can support it as the primary internet connection. If no, can be via the 3G / 4G operators. Even if you hire an office space with internet facilities via a network cable (RJ-45), just plug it into an available port. If all three are connected all the internet resources, then these tools can make it as a backup in case the primary internet connection dies. Practical and safe, and affordable.

Full connection source, easy to use, lots of features.

There are no firewall, port calls only.
Business VOIP - Hongdian H9900 3G / 4G VoIP Router, Multi Internet for Small Business
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