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Batman v Superman Film Review - Too Solid and Enforced

After years of waiting, finally the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice can I enjoy in theaters with great fanfare atmosphere. For some people, this movie like Star Wars: The Force Awakens sacred to a number of 'his people'. They are willing to wait so long for their favorite stories and characters may appear again on the big screen, as well as Batman v Superman, highly anticipated though ultimately failed to satisfy all parties.

Superhero movies are Imperfect

With a duration of 151 minutes, the film was remembered as the best superhero movie is not quite perfect in terms of the complexity of the plot or the presentation of the story. For those who have not watched the movie Man of Steel, it was hard to swallow all the story of causal sequences exist in every part of this film.

There are many adverse events described and can be too quick to shift to the next problem. Either this is a mistake Snyder, or manuscript is used, but certainly the integrity of the story in the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice still far behind when compared to The Dark Knight direction of Christopher Nolan. Luckily, there will be a director's cut version of the film in Blu-Ray format by a margin large enough duration of his theatrical version. A piece of my expectations were there, because the element of the story is too crowded and this is the biggest disadvantage imposed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Overall, the film is produced with a budget of $250 million is very exciting to watch. I myself late in the action-packed storyline as brutal and fierce battles to forget about the length of time walking. The moment of 'wow' that was served was no less, and even spelled out a lot. For those who feel 'harassed' by the spoiler in his trailer, do not worry, because there are many important elements in this movie that can still be enjoyed in fresh.

But if you want to watch this movie in the cinema, then I encourage you to first watch the movie Man of Steel. This is important, because the man of steel is no longer recounted in depth in the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as Lois Lane and the love story between the two of them. Two new thing about Superman is shown in the movie is about the emotional problems and physical weakness of the man of steel.

Batman v Superman is a proving ground for Ben Affleck who had been in doubt as the Batman cast. He performed so well, though the portion is given not by Christian Bale in the Batman trilogy. In my opinion, not enough to compare Christian Bale with Ben Affleck's just one movie.

I am optimistic that the future solo Batman movie starring Ben Affleck has been made, we will be stunned and stop comparing it to Bale. It's just a matter of portions and depths of a different story, or perhaps a different directing styles. A little spoiler, Batman in this film is much more violent and brutal than the version of Nolan.

In addition to the story that is not intact, one more thing that disturb me in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the character of Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg. Maybe some of you do not agree, but for me Jesse Eisenberg could not give a different impression in this film, she again appeared with its flagship character-paced tau and cunning. Lex Luthor any figures at a glance much like the Joker, only the packaging is formed more refined and courteous. In short, Lex Luthor is not a special character in this film.

Of all the characters, the most attention in this film is a figure of Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot. Although formerly had been in doubt, in fact he managed to become the center of attention with a beautiful face and a stunt that she carries. Wonder Woman character he played was presented with the portion of the fitting, not less and not too much. For the majority of Adam, Wonder Woman Gal Gadot version is the main reason why the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice deserves to be watched.


Speaking of visuals, Batman v Superman really is packed with authentic style of Zack Snyder. Camera movement, image composition, as well as cut-to-cut shown made ​​me think of the movie Sucker Punch direction, which was released in 2011 ago. Typical style of Zack Snyder is then wrapped with thick dark element to the film characteristics DC. Tone colors are dark, and many scenes in slow motion to make Batman v Superman seem easier to be enjoyed by adults. A right blend and contrast to the style of Josh Whedon together Marvel lightweight and quite easy to digest.

Moves to the music, I had to lift the hat again for Hans Zimmer. Tensions are high, and the tense atmosphere he managed to serve with a very precise and on target. For me, Hans Zimmer was the savior of Zack Snyder, because if it were not him, maybe this movie will be felt bland and unappealing. Just as the Man of Steel is so evocative, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice intense enough to increase my adrenalin. Moreover, when the appearance of Wonder Woman with fantastic distortion.

If judging in more detail then Batman v Superman is the opening film for the other DCEU story. Therefore, do not put great hopes on this film although basically Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a film that is very delicious to eat. If the Man of Steel is the entrance of the house, then Batman v Superman is a warm greeting, but not enough to know the character of the owner of the house. We will be invited to get to know more in the DC universe with Suicide Squad movie, Wonder Woman, Justice League Part 1, and a number of other films in the next few years.

Timeline presented in DCEU was not linear like MCU, because it should have before Batman v Superman we already know more in the Batman just like Superman with his movie Man of Steel. But it seems the DC wanted to create a timeline universe with different styles. Supposing, we were served appetizers that are foreign in the mouth but it feels good to the first meal.

Again, though Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a good film, but you do not get your hopes with this film before watching it in theaters. Like the logo embedded on Superman's chest, high expectations can bring you down even harder and painful.
Batman v Superman Film Review - Too Solid and Enforced
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