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9 Steps Optimization of Chrome in Smartphone

9 Steps Optimization of Chrome in Smartphone
Confused use Chrome? Android provides a variety of settings easy to surf.

Chrome for Android is one of the best browsers that can be used to surf the Internet from your Android smartphone. For those of you who want to use the more astute, many guides or tips that can be used so that all functions can be utilized optimally.

Not only that, more knowledge about Chrome will help you when dealing with problems that sometimes arise from Google's browser. Want to know more about tips on Chrome? The following 9 chrome optimization step in smartphone:


Conserve data usage

How optimization is the main chrome conserve data usage. The larger the data accessed, the greater the unused quota. It is certainly a problem for those who have a limited quota.

And for those of you who want to save data usage when surfing, there is an easy way provided Chrome. The trick, run Chrome, press Menu> Settings. Scroll down and press the Data Saver. Enable this feature to change it to the On position. From here you can even monitor the data can be saved.

Game offline

When the Internet connection is off or disconnected, Chrome includes a simple game that you can play for just a fad. The game is more appropriately called an easter egg or hidden features. To try it out, turn off the Internet connection and run Chrome. Dinosaur image will appear, press the image until the dinosaur jumping and be running. You also are able to play with a simple mission is to skip the obstacles that dinosaurs can be kept running in order to collect the highest score.

Forced Zoom

Quite annoying when a site could not be zooming reasons that are too small to see. If you see it you can still do so in a special way. Run Chrome and go to Menu> Settings. Log into Accessibility and tap Force enables zoom to activate it. Back to the site initially could not you zoom and see the difference where now it can be done by using two fingers.



Want to visit the site but did not want to trail (history) are stored and tracked? Just use Incognito mode. By which all your browsing activities will not be visible and safe. Enable this feature through the menu and press New Incognito tab. Automatically opens a new tab and you can directly browse from here. Be sure to close them when browsing the internet. If you forget to activate this mode, another way that can be used is to delete the history or the history of the site that has been opened. How, press Menu> History and press the Clear Browsing Data.

View a site to home screen

If you frequently visit the same sites, there are ways that you can try it easier to not have to type the address again and again. Just move the site to view the homescreen so that someday you stay pressed only if you want to visit the site. The trick, open Chrome and navigate to the favorite sites. Press Menu (the three dots in the upper right), tap Add to Home screen. Provide a description for the site address to facilitate. Next press Add to finish.

Save web page to PDF

Sometimes you get important information from a site, but at the same time wants to save it for reading later. Chrome provides features to save and transform the site into a PDF format with ease. The trick, run Chrome, go to the site to go to, press Menu> Print. Make sure the top there is the option Save as PDF, press the green icon and save the PDF file to a specific folder.

Turn off the tracking feature

By default, Chrome will collect data from its internet activity. If you want privacy, you can try to turn off tracking features in Chrome. The trick, run Chrome and tap Menu> Settings> Privacy. Scroll down and turn on Do Not Track.

Switch between tabs

There are several ways you can do to move from multiple tabs in Chrome Android. And the fastest and easiest way is by pressing the number that is next to the site address. But to turn this way there are things that need to be done first. Go to Menu> Settings and uncheck the Merge tabs and apps. Later each open a new tab, next to the column address of the site there will be a number that indicates the number of open tabs. From here you can easily switch the page by pressing down. If you close one or all tabs, press Menu and select Close all tabs.

Turn off the nagging questions

Optimizing the second chrome is turn off notifications. By default, Chrome to enable some features that we think are a bit disturbing. When opening a site, Chrome will ask as whether to change the display language. In order not always timbuk these questions every time you open the site, you must turn it off first. Go to Menu> Settings> Site settings, scroll down and select Language, from here turn off the features of Google Translate.
9 Steps Optimization of Chrome in Smartphone
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