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7 Benefits of Fasting for Pregnant Women and Fetus

Pregnant women usually face a dilemma when entering the month of Ramadan. Most decide to continue fasting and partly decided not to fast, especially for the abortion problem. At the time of pregnancy, a woman or a prospective mother need a complete nutritional intake to meet the nutritional needs and nutrition of the fetus. At the time of fasting, there is a time when people are fasting not allowed to eat. But just before dawn and dusk, so pregnant women can still meet the needs of herself and the fetus.

Of course this can not be forced. if the expectant mother has a problem with its contents, for example limp can not even do activities and will become worse if you continue to fast. For those who feel strongly to fast, here are some of the benefits of fasting for pregnant women:

1. Getting the reward for fasting

These benefits may not relate to the health of the mother or pleasure in the world, but for a Muslim to worship be a great pleasure. So also for the mother haml to fasting. They will get the reward for fasting. The fetus in the womb will also feel from within that his mother was running a religious order that is expected to grow when the fetus has grown into a devout Muslim.


While fasting, the other deeds will multiply the reward not only in worship to Allah SWT, but also when to do for the family and each other.

2. There was a balance of nutrients in the body

At the time of fasting, there was a balance of nutrients in the body. Amino acids and other substances will help rejuvenate cells. This does not happen on a long-term hunger, in contrast to hunger, fasting is just a few hours. There sahur and iftar time that can be used to supply the body's needs for a day. So the body will not be a shortage of nutrients during fasting.

3. Good for heart health

When fasting, one's body will increase the good cholesterol or HDL naturally and decrease bad cholesterol or LDL. The decrease in bad cholesterol is good for the heart and blood vessels. We also understand that fasting is not allowed to smoke. Smoking itself is not for the respiratory and pregnant women. So when fasting and people around were fasting, the risk of exposure to cigarette smoke are also getting smaller.

4. Maintain psychology or mental health

At the time of fasting, one is not only hunger and thirst but also to contain her emotions that tend to be more patient in dealing with problems. This is very good for people who are fasting, as well as for pregnant women who are fasting. Pregnant women may be quick to anger, but when fasting they will be better able to control his emotions as anger or bad actions can reduce the value of fasting that is being run. So the psychological health of a pregnant woman will tend to be better when he was fasting.


5. Fasting will make the mind becomes more creative

According to the study, hunger occurs may lead a person to think creatively. In a study conducted by fasting for 7 days then a person's mental alertness will increase and progress in work on a job. For pregnant women, fasting is used to do positive things for example by writing, embroidering, or preparing food for iftar. Activities that are not too heavy can be done creatively by pregnant women who are fasting.

6. Reduce overweight or obese

Fasting can keep eating patterns become more awake. Pregnant women can keep his diet so that not too much to eat. For those already suffering from obesity, fasting can be used to overcome the problem of obesity. Noteworthy is the breaking of food intake should not be excessive so as not to add to the problem of obesity. Although pregnant women need a lot of intake but should be maintained to avoid excessive so that the fetus and the mother was not overweight.

7. Healthy kidneys

Fasting can also nourish the kidneys because of renal function would be optimal if the power of osmosis urine can reach 1000-12000 osmosis / kg water. This could happen if the water intake to the body is reduced, and this happens when we are fasting. During the day, pregnant women who fasted will not drink so that, at the time of the kidney can function optimally.

So based on these benefits, pregnant women are actually eligible to fast as long as it is in a healthy state and will not interfere with the health of her fetus. If still in doubt then be consulted with a doctor if allowed to fast or not. When fasting, pregnant women also remain sufficient nutrients needed by the mother and the fetus. At the time of dawn and breaking, but eat in moderation should drink plenty of water and milk for pregnant women.

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