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3 Benefits for Human Carrion Flowers

Since childhood, you must be familiar with the name of the corpse flower. As the name implies, the corpse flower has an unusual odor like most other flowers are fragrant, corpse flower has an unpleasant smell and feels like a carcass.

But did you know that the corpse flower good to eat and have health benefits body? But of course not just any corpse flower that can be consumed, which can be consumed is called the corpse flower scientific armophophallus konjac or we are familiar with the name suweg.

Suweg still closely with Armophophallus titanum (Amorphophallus titanum), with flower shape is very similar.

Glance armophopallus konjac or suweg

Armophophallus konjac or suweg is a plant that originated in Asia and has long been used as food or traditional medicine in China, Japan and surroundings. The most commonly used of suweg plant is the tuber which can reach 5 kilo grams per tuber.


Suweg often used because of the benefits it provides and the many vitamins and minerals that are good for the body as well as the flexibility to be processed into various foods. Konjac name is taken from the Japanese language meaning konyaku or agar agar for suweg bulb is often processed into agar agar in Japan. With the taste of fresh, suweg corpse flower bulbs can be used as various types of products and food.

Suweg have lived a very complex process, whereby when suweg begin to grow from seed, it will be a stem, white patterned green and leafy compound. The plant roots will be bulbs, tubers and then it will face two possibilities whether these bulbs will become more plants or into a carcass. If he becomes the corpse flower, the flowers will produce seeds that later became the plant again and the process repeated.

Unfortunately possibility suweg to be a corpse flower is very small and in need of environmental conditions that are actually perfect to become a flower. Therefore, perhaps many of you who have never seen the corpse flower of the plant suweg. There may even be among you often see plants suweg but did not know that suweg a corpse flower family. A very interesting fact is not it?

Benefits corpse flower bulbs suweg namely:

1. Sources of Energy
The most common benefits of the bulbs suweg is as a source of carbohydrate for 100 grams of tubers suweg containing up to 16 grams of carbohydrates and 69 calories which is useful for a source of energy for you. Moreover, the tubers suweg contains quite a lot of other minerals such as 1 gram protein, 0.1 gram total fat and vitamin B1 as much as 0.07 milli grams.


2. Maintaining bone health
Besides its use as a source of energy, suweg also has the potential to become a source of calcium, phosphorus, and iron is good to protect your bone health because it contains calcium suweg as much as 62 milli-grams, as much as 41 milli grams of phosphorus, and iron as much as 4.2 milli gram.

3. Keep disease
Research shows that the mineral content, fiber and vitamins in tubers suweg can act to prevent and treat a variety of diseases such as increased blood sugar for the shortfall, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, preventing diseases such as colon cancer, breast cancer, diverticular, obesity, cholesterol, cardiovascular , asthma, cough cough, hernia, burns and diabetes.

In Europe and America, bulbs suweg even make medicine capsules to ease the process of consumption.
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