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Free Web Design Template Blogger

Starting a blogger default template designs will be more complicated because the programming language is not as generally we see the template created by third-party template designer.

This complexity will we find one of them is located at <b:skin>. This part is the location of the style or CSS. If the general style contain code like this #blablaBla or .blablaBla but to use the default template specially variables, such as <Variable name="keycolor" description="Main Color" type="color" default="#66bbdd" value="#cc6611"/>


For those of you who have long since learned coding may not be concerned about this, but what if you are a beginner who need full guidance in refining the look of the blog?

Therefore, if you want to follow the tips from us and get full assistance (during labor), please consider this option. But you need to understand that does not mean we can not edit the template obtained directly from the bloggers.

Starting a Design Template

I was a student who has not been too long plunge in the world of the Internet, especially website. However, I have enough experience to be relied upon in teaching the science of coding.


The first step set up website
Prepare a free or paid website. If you have not had the capital or do not understand about how to create a paid website, such as .com, .net, .org and the like, I suggest to make out the free version at blogger.com

Okay, I assume you already have a blog and already has a template that fits your own choice, it's time to start organizing the blog.

Take advantage Inspect Element browser to edit the template, I often do this also in editing the template. The trick, right-click on the part you want modified.
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In the example above, I try to edit the left sidebar (note the blue section) To see a screenshot if replacing CSS, please replace or remove certain CSS on the console.
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Well, it was a preview, please apply into the template to get the result


#sidebar-kiri intended for loading html <div id="sidebar-kiri"> while the #sidebar-kiri li intended for html which there <li>

<div id="sidebar-kiri">
<li>text here</li>

That simple trick website design for beginners. For other tricks please wait for the next update, or directly ask the comment form. Thank you..
Free Web Design Template Blogger
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