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Confirm, Reject and Remove Friends by Language

Tools for Confirm, Reject and Remove Friends free by Language

This tool is the development of several tools with the previous version, this is the tool V3 to confirm all facebook friend requests to filter by language daily.

This tool can read the language settings that should only be seen by authorized users, and will show you how the number of friends who open facebook with a particular language.

After that, you are given the option to remove the language according to the selected state. We think this version is pretty cool to help those who have many friends who are not of the language you and want to remove it.

Besides remove friend, this tool can also be used to confirm a friend request according to the country of origin and also reject (reject) a friend request from a particular language, all that can you get automatically and does not drain your time and energy.

Please begin to prepare the ingredients, namely TOKEN of HTC Sense

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  2. Next, take your token here [No Blank]
This tool can help you to Confirm or Reject friend requests and / or Delete All Friends on Facebook with a choice of language that they use in facebook
Confirm, Reject and Remove Friends by Language
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