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Auto Adding Friends FB And Filters Location State

Planet Earth has 7 Continent inhabited by around 188 countries. This is not a matter of certainty because there are some countries that do not we put here.
  • ASIA

Of the seven continents that one of the most extreme, the continent of Antarctica. Around Antarctica is the hardest place to be inhabited by living things. Cause no other because of the oil content in abundance buried below that area. Some experts predict the amount of oil there could reach 200 billion barrels, much more than that owned by Kuwait or Abu Dhabi. In addition to the seven continents, there is one more addition, the OCEAN.

About Application

We seek and collect ID Group Facebook (public) as a target state to be added as a friend. We also do not guarantee that you really can add friends according to the selected countries. There may be certain people who are not from the state but was added as a member of that group.

Location More Specific

If you need a friend more specific location of residence, you can use a specially Group ID privacy made public. Our tools can not be used for groups that are specially and confidential. Targeting a more specific location, you can send a friendship request to target more precisely.

Use ID Groups
You can use ID Group
Warning!! Can only be used for Public Group.
New By..?
Work us Skype Add Friend

There is a problem?

If the tools we're able to add a friend to your country, please let us know via the comments form. Possible Admin Group has changed its privacy, so we need to improve this tool.
Auto Adding Friends FB And Filters Location State
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why are they always run out of stock for the location i choose?

@chris santos Thank you for the confirmation. It could be said, which country is selected? I will check it first.


@Sigit Purnomo
Can i get the embed code for your auto adder v2? I waNt to paste on my web


Hi boss this htc token, not working anymore, what other token can use for your autofriend adder application?

Hi @Unknown , thanks for the report. I recommend to use Skype token. Please see the latest update.