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How to Transfer Money in the Bank BRI ATM

Transferring money to the account of BRI was not difficult, especially if through ATM. Because if you choose, then we do not need to bother giving our signature to the bank officer (teller).

Not only do the transfer, even you can instantly withdraw cash from an ATM is easy and practical. For a maximum nominal withdrawal through ATMs of approximately USD 25 million per day and executed up to 5 times. So once pull 5 million.


Here's the trick to send some money from the ATM BRI to Bank BRI

  1. Enter the BRI ATM card
  2. The position of the card to be precise, which leads down to the black ribbon tape position is right. In other words, that reads BRI Card must be on the right side as shown below. Bank BRI ATM
  3. Select Indonesian by pressing the "Language".
  4. Press the Continue button.
  5. Enter your ATM PIN totaling six figures.
  6. Select the transaction Lainya (located in the lower right corner).
  7. Press Transfer button and enter your account number to be transferred.
  8. When finished press the Right button.
  9. Then type the amount of money to be transferred, if you have press the Right / Resume.
  10. Then there will be display for your check back, account number, name and amount transferred. If you are sure there are no errors please press the Continue / Right.
  11. Finally will exit slip as proof of transfer.

The trick above is about the transfer to fellow BRI account. If you want to make transfers to other accounts (such as BNI, BI, etc.) do almost the same. Just need to add code before the bank account number.

You can see the code of the bank in my yard the other in Code Listing Bank [Indonesian]

Examples of writing the correct bank code

For example, the destination bank is Bank BCA account number is 12345678, the writing on the input the account number is: 01412345678
BCA 014 is the bank code and account number 12345678 is the goal.

Similarly, information about the transfer of ATM BRI to Bank BRI and to Other Banks may be useful.
How to Transfer Money in the Bank BRI ATM
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