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How To Make Link On Facebook Status and Fanspage

Facebook Notes

The main reason why users find tutorials to create a link on facebook status is increasing ideas fb find backlinks from websites.

I personally saw a golden opportunity that we can get from this face book link. Especially when I have found a trick to make DoFollow link on facebook and fanspage free and easy.


Probably out there many of our friends who try to get incoming links from facebook via robot, but this does not work either because the facebook already clever to overcome this. Several times my actions with homemade robot often wafted as crimes that are harmful to people.

And if we are adept at about robots, we can also collaborate with the design for android application to run the action, but quite dangerous, because the account could be banned. For this I do not suggest you try it.

But I have long stopped playing with the robot, and now move on to the next mission, namely by using facebook as a social networking mainstay us all.


You need to know that we can not make the link facebook status as it should when in the blog, which is the cause why there are still many who do not know how to create a link on facebook.
I have one way powerful enough to create a link, be it on facebook or in fanspage. How to ..?
  1. Sign in to your Facebook account
  2. Go to links: https://www.facebook.com//notes
  3. After the page appears, click + Add Note
  4. In the title, please write your desired title
  5. On the content, can be inserted several links and pictures.
  6. Once completed, please click Publish and see the results.
  7. Live link your creations ready disseminated.
How To Make Link On Facebook Status and Fanspage
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