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Popular Babies Names and Meaning

Got a baby is the dream of everyone who has been married. Of course we do not want to throw this happy moment to ignore. As an expression of the gift given sukur god, let us use the name of the child who has a good sense.


Here are some of the most popular baby names

1. Emma
Emma means "universal.". Its meaning has landed at the top of the list for several years running, it is interesting and classic (not trendy).

2. Harper
This name has the great popularity of the celebrities.

3. Ava
Ava has meaning graceful and glamorous.


4. Madison
Madison is a very popular name

5. Isabella
A classic Italian and Spanish names, many queens of Europe has been used properly, it also has the credibility of the literature.

1. Noah
Boys red-hot, its appearance after cleaning cobwebs ancient Bible.

2. Benjamin
In the Bible, Benjamin is the youngest son of Jacob and one of the founders of the twelve tribes of Isreal. It is still regarded as immortal name and have returned in popularity in the last decade.

3. Aiden
Aiden came from Ireland Aidan, which means "fiery one." Aiden throughout history have been known for their gentle nature known for his kindness.

4. Liam
Name of Ireland are in trend now and Liam is no exception. While Liam began as a shortened version of William, now a formidable name itself.

Popular Babies Names and Meaning
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