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8 Easy Steps Up Twitter App

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Twitter could evolve so quickly because one reason is the increasing number of developers who have built applications for many years.

Application Programming Interface (API)

On June 11, 2013, Twitter filed a pension for API v.1 and stop offering RSS feeds. As a result of impact to the programmer. Obviously, some Twitter applications no longer work, what to do next programmer? Relax, do not be hasty, stay relaxed your chair.

Soon I will give a reliable solution cool to get an RSS feed back fully in future articles. However, for now, I'll show you how to start the registration process applications Twitter.


The following steps Creating Applications Twitter

1. Visit Twitter Site Developer logo twitter 1
The first thing you need to do is create an account on dev.twitter.com. Next, click on the link "Login" on the top right.

2. Login with your Twitter account logo twitter 2
The next step in with a Twitter account that will be associated with your application.

3. Visit apps.twitter.com logo twitter 3
At this stage, you should visit the website Twitter app. It can be found in apps.twitter.com (also can be found by clicking the "Manage Your Apps" in the footer of the Twitter site Developer.)

4. Create New Application logo twitter 4
If this is your first time entering the website developer, then you will not see the applications listed. No problem, it is time to make your first application. To start, click on the big button "Create new App".

5. Fill your Application Details logo twitter 5
As usual, to complete the registration, you must fill out the form provided.

Here are some of the areas of mandatory and option for you.

» Name:
Create a unique name for your application. You may not enter the name of the application that has been used by others before. Soon you will be known as a programmer, so prove that you are able to carry the application name is well known and clean.

» Description:
You do not have to worry about selecting what is most suitable word for the description of your initial application. If you want to repair, you can do it tomorrow.

» Website:
This should be publicly accessible on the home page of your application. However, if your application is for personal use, this does not really apply. You just need to enter the address of the website where the application will be hosted.

» URL callback:
If you allow users to log into your application to authenticate yourself, you need to enter the URL where they would come back after they were given permission to use Twitter to your application. Once you do this, make sure you have read the rules of the developer, check the box "Yes, I agree", fill in the CAPTCHA and click the "Creating Applications Twitter you"!

6. Get Access Token logo twitter 6
You need to authorize the Twitter application to your Twitter account. To do this, click the button "Create my access token". This process usually only takes a few seconds, so if you do not see the access token to the next screen, you may need to refresh the page a few times.

This enables the access token to read your Twitter app Twitter information. As; get the data to your tweets, mentions, lists and more. However, if you want to do things that are more advanced such as sending a tweet or delete the tweet, then you need to change the type of access you.


7. Determine Type Access What You Need logo twitter 7
Type the default access when opening the Twitter application just read only. My recommendation is to keep it like this unless you really want to be able to have an application to delete or write data (eg sending a tweet or delete direct messages).

To change the type of access, please go to the settings tab at the top of the screen. Next, scroll down until you see "Application Type". Changing the type of access to "Read and Write" to be able to read the data and send Twitter tweets and select "Read, Write and direct mail access" if you want to also have access to your direct messages.

8. Write down your OAuth Settings logo twitter 8
Make a note of your OAuth settings. You will need this long string of characters to your Twitter application. You will need are:
  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • OAuth Access Token
  • OAuth Access Token Secret

Notes: Store the information, because if there are other people who obtain these keys, they are effectively able to access your Twitter account.

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8 Easy Steps Up Twitter App
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