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Cash For Structured Settlement Payments

Structured Settlement Payments

What is a Structured Annuity Settlement ..?

Structured settlement annuity is a financial instrument that is typically used to provide, receipts, tax-free payment of routine for the victims of ill individuals over the long term and structured.


What is a Annuity..?

Annuity is a series of payment or receipt of the same amount, to be paid or to be received at the end of each period of the same duration for a given year.

How do I sell my Structured Payments..?

You may have important or urgent needs such as: want to repair houses that have been damaged or will collapse, finance the education of children in college, pay off debt, and will start to invest in a project or business. This is a valid reason why you wanted to get right in your hands instead of your regular payment.

The process of selling a structured settlement annuity or actually relatively easy, but there are some steps that would involve you, such as deciding how much to sell and go before a judge to approve your request before accessing your cash. For more details, see below.

All this process includes five steps:

1. Making the decision to sell
The first thing you need to do is make a decision that, if you really believe in this decision or not. You can start the process of selling your settlement if you have a valid reason for it and the sale of payment you will not have any effect on your future financial needs.

2. The closest shop for discounts and sales services
It is important for you to know it is that you're working with a reputable company funding and thus has the best interest for us.
You are required in terms of experience in solving the cases the court ordered the transfer process and have an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau and very few complaints, if any.


3. Select the company that you like and start the sales process
Some files or documents you need to prepare before the sale takes place. The document you send (your annuity policy, the settlement agreement) will be reviewed before the transfer company in the process, it aims to ensure that the documents you provide is complete and accurate.

4. Approval of Judges
When the relevant documents are returned and the local lawyer with the court has fully signed, then the court will schedule a hearing. At this stage you need to be patient because this is the initial stage of the waiting period.
You need to prepare some good reason. Because of the time on the court, you are required to explain why the money that you want, and you should be in a position to demonstrate that the financial future of your family in danger. Unless there is a problem with your transfer request. The good news, most judges approve the transfer at this stage.

5. Getting your money
Once approved, the judge will sign an order of approval of the transaction and the order will be sent to the insurance company funds wire.

How long does it take to sell my Structured Payments ?

Typically, after you sign the contract, it is necessary to wait up to 45 days to receive your money. Keep in mind also that the law in each country is different, so the purchase of structured settlement transaction in each country are not always the same. Additionally, you may qualify to advance directly to help you through a very difficult time.

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Cash For Structured Settlement Payments
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